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How do you replace a leaky heater hose in your silhouette?

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How to replace a heater hose on a 2001 Oldsmobile silloute

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Cut off the crimp connectors, pull the old hose off and replace with conventional heater hose and conventional hose clamps

To replace a thermostat on 1998 Silhouette, locate it under the top hose assembly inside the radiator. It is fairly easy to replace with the right tools.

I would simply call my mechanic.

loosen the clamp holding the hose on to a fitting and pull the hose free.

Disconnect the rubber hoses from the heater and the intake. Once the clamp is removed, take a sharp knife and split the rubber ends and peal them off. DO NOT pull on the heater core as you can damage the heater core. Take a hacksaw and cut the band off and replace the heater hose using new clamps.

Replacing the heater hose bypass fitting will depend on how the fitting was installed. It could be screwed or bolted in. Try searching for your specific vehicle for a detailed description of the install.

if it has one it is in heater hose at firewall if it has one it is in heater hose at firewall

You know the heater hose on a vehicle needs replacing when it beings to swell and soften. The heater hose runs from the intake manifold to the heater core.

The 1997 VW heater hose has swivel nuts on each end of the hose. Turn the swivel nuts to the left to remove the heater hose.

Raise the froth of your car. Drain the radiator. Remove the heater tube from firewall and loosen the hose clamps. Lower the vehicle after draining the antifreeze. Locate the heater core and remove the mounting clamps. Remove the heater core and replace it.

I just had a radiator put in my 2000 Honda accord Friday today the car over heated I had it towed back to the shop that did the work they charged me for a heater hose and the tow

i replace the filler neck on my 1994 E150 with a piece of radiator hose. it leaked every time i filled up with gas. had to replace the vent hose also with a piece of heater hose.

If you use water or garden hoses, then identifying a leaky hose is not difficult. All you have to do is seal the output end of the hose with a sprayer or cap and turn on the water. You will usually find the leaks as you will see water spraying out somewhere in the middle of the hose. Repairing a leaky hose is not too difficult. You can duct tape or electrical tape to seal the leaking parts of the hose. Please not that this a temporary solution and you should probably purchase a new hose if your does spring leaks.

Remove the water from the cooling system. Remove the water hose from the heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

Drain the water from the cooling system. Remove the heater core hose. Remove the retaining bolts. The heater core will come out. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

Pull the hose and make sure that the heater core connection is in good condition. It needs to be clean and pretty round. If the hose has quite a bit of deposits or is brittle around the inside, you may want to replace it. The hose needs to be quite flexible to make a good seal. If it's more than a few years old you might want to replace it anyway

No you can not, It is under to much pressure when engine is running. NEED to REPLACE IT.

You can try forcing water through it with a garden hose. If that does not work you will need to replace it.

Drain the water from the cooling system. Remove the water hose from the heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

Take out engine side hose by quick release remove plate then slip out black box. Replace metal tubes that run from the heater core to the firewall. remember to replace thermostat if need be and execute a coolant flush.

Re: How to replace 95 Achieva heater core... Drain the antifreeze. Keep the drain pan under the heater core hoses. Disconnect the battery. Remove the hose clamps/ 2 hoses fom the heater core from under the hood in the engine compartment. These hoses are hard to reach. You can try to reach the hose clamps from under the raised car. Inside the car: remove the center console if you have one (there is a little clip to pry out from the front of the trans-shift lever), heater ducts and covers and the square black plastic heater core cover. You will need various small sockets. Then just snap the 2 straps loose and replace the core. Make sure that the hoses are not the source of the leaks. Replace the hoses if they are old. One of the hoses is 3/4" on one end and 5/8" on the other end. So, you will need a hose size adapter in the hose if it not a factory hose assembly. I dont remember the size of the other hose.

Remove both heater hoses from the engine, then fabricate a fitting to attach a garden hose to one of the heater hoses. Direct the remaining hose into a bucket then slowly turn on the water until the water runs clean. Then reverse the flow by switching the garden hose over to the other heater hose and repeat until the water runs clean. Then replace the hoses to the engine and refill the coolant reservoir.

Remove the water from your 1987 Nissan pickup truck cooling system. Remove the water supply hose. Remove the water return hose. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new heater core.

take off clamps, take of hose, and take of your mom!

# Disconnect the negative battery cable. # Drain the engine coolant. # Remove the instrument panel/dash assembly from the vehicle. # Remove the heater hose(s) and cap the hose(s). # Remove the attaching nuts and remove the heater unit assembly. # Remove the heater core attaching screw and remove the heater core..............

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