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Find out what is under the textured finish first then what the finish is made of and then how its aplyed.

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Q: How do you replace a pool coping that has a textured finish?
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Can you replace the coping for an inground pool without replacing the liner?


Pool coping installation?

What about "pool coping installation" ??????

What is coping?

what is pool coping

Can you replace old cracked coping on a vinyl liner pool?

Yes you can! We have a pool and my dad fixed ours.

How do you replace inground pool coping?

Bash the old stuff of level it and re cement the new coping on top of the old work.

How to Repair holes in aluminum pool coping?

I have little holes in my inground pool coping how do I fix it caulk?

Is replacing old pool coping a do-it-yourself job?

It depends on the pool and it's age. For most pools it is an easy job to replace your coping. However, for some pools it is impossible to get replacement parts because they are so old and the companies no longer exist. Some pool companies have resources where custom pool coping can be designed and manufactured, but it's costly and you need to be very specific.

What affect will a saltwater pool have on a limestone coping deck?

It will eat / disfigure the coping and will then turn that into dust that gets in your pool and discolors the plaster.

How do you remove aluminum inground pool coping?

Remove decking material (concrete, tile, etc....) then the coping is screwed to the pool backing.

What is used around coping around pool area to prevent water from going in?

Nothing, the coping should slope back away from the pool

How to replace PVC coping on in-ground pool?

Assuming we are not talking about a vinyl pool. The PVC strip above the tile, below the coping is there to form a seal. It's porpous is to keep water from seeping behind the bond beam and into the ground beneath the deck. Over time it will get brittle and break. It can only be replaced by removing the coping. You can repair it by trimming it back and replace it with a silicone caulk, or "Dec-O-Seal" (or similar)

How do you fix a crack in a pebble finish pool?

have crack in pebble pool approx 14 years old ,being told it is due to uncured coping being used ,what can i do, it goes about 3mts from stair to stair, thank you.

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