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I did this recently on my 1989 Laser 4-door Station Wagon, probably similar.

1. Wind the window on the door with the broken quater-light fully down. 2. Remove the inside trim from the door. 3. There is a vertical metal strip that seperates the sliding window from the quarterlight. It is held at it's bottom end by one bolt, which you can see on the inside of the door. Tear a small hole in the clear plastic door-lining, push a socket through and loosen the bolt SLIGHTLY, but DO NOT REMOVE IT.

4. At the top of the vertical metal strip, pull the rubber door sealer from the door, so you can see under it. You'll see a phillips-head screw holding the top end of the vertical strip to the door. Remove this screw.

5. Tilt the vertical strip forward, into the space that would be occupied by the sliding window if it was closed. The strip is pivoting on the lower bolt that you loosened but didn't remove.

6. There is now enough space to insert the new quarterlight, complete with it's rubber sealing strip, ito the space behind the vertical metal strip.

7. Reassembly is obvious.

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Q: How do you replace a rear quarter window on a 1981-85 Ford Laser hatchback?
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