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Okay, you're probably referring to the newer low-end strat-copy models Fender is currently producing. If you have an original Starcaster, then it surprises me that you don't know how to change a string. Anyway, as with any Stratocaster, you hold the string where the ball-end is facing down. There should be a backplate with six holes in the lower part of it. Each hole represents where a string will sit on the top of the bridge (located directly above the backplate.) Look at the bridge. There will be six "saddles" that hold the string in place. On each saddle, there are to screws with which, you can adjust "action" (string height)with an Allen wrench or hex key. You put the string through the backplate, guide it through, so that it will come through the saddle and bring the string up the neck. There will be a "nut" at the top of the neck which is cut to let a certain gauge string sit in it (I use nines or ".009 to .042" for my strat). Let the respective sized string sit in the groove of the nut, and bring it toward the machine head (tuner). Fender headstocks are famous for having six inline machine heads, so if you are starting with the top string, you will put it through the shaft of the farthest machine head. And the lowest E string will be placed in the closest machine head, etc. I always wrap each string twice around the shaft of the machine head twice before putting it through. Tighten the string by turning the machine head to the right or left, depending on which head you're turning. Tune it to whatever tuning you like. If you're a beginning guitarist, probably standard tuning. eBGDAE Use a chromatic tuner if you haven't had experience with other instruments.

2011-09-12 20:47:11
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What is a good 5 string bass guitar that is under 500 but not a fender since I already own a 4 string fender jazz?

Since you already have a 4-string Fender jazz guitar, you should look at a Rickenbacker 4003 Bass. Rickenbacker makes good 5-string bass guitars that are under $500.

What type of guitar strings does a Fender Se needs?

They come stock with Fender .009's but any .009 string will work.

Can you use ernie ball guitar stringsheavy in the bottomskinny in the topon a fender starcaster?

It's possible...SRV used "13"s on his Strat, meaning his little "E" string was a 13 instead of a 9 or 10, like most guitarists use. He also tuned his guitar down a half step to an Eb, instead of the standard E tuning.

How do you fix dead guitar string?

Remove and replace it.

How to change strings on a Fender Acoustic Guitar?

To change strings on a Fender Acoustic Guitar, locate the machine post for the string and wind it down. When the string is loose, pull it off the head of the guitar, and the bridge of the guitar. Whichever string is missing, grab the corresponding string from a packet of new strings, and feed it through the bridge. The string should also be fed through the hole in the machine post. Once you tighten the string, you can return it to its natural note, and complete the whole process again for the remaining strings.

How to string an acoustioc guitar?

To restring an acoustic guitar you have to drop the end if the string in the bridge and replace the pin. Then string it through the tuning post, kink it, and tune it.

Who makes the best six string bass guitar?

Fender Catastrater makes the best bass guitars.

Can you replace a broken guitar string on an electric guitar?

Of course, but as a lifelong guitarist, I advise that when a string breaks, it's past due time to replace all six (or 12, as the case may be).

How do you replace an electric guitar string without using a string winder?

You don't be lazy and use your fingers!

How much is a fender 12 string acoustic guitar worth I have model and serial number?

Its worth $100 to $500.

Can you replace a steel string guitar with nylon strings?

Yes, you can, but not on an electric guitar. It might not be recommended, but it definitely can be done.

Is the Fender Bass VI a Baritone Guitar?

It could be, but it is most commonly known as just a six string bass. it is a guitar with slightly thicker strings and tuned to sound like an electric bass guitar.

Which guitar was made first 12 string 6 string or bass 4 string?

The six string guitar has a history spanning back to the 17th Century as an ancestor of the modern classical guitar.The electric six string guitar was a concept that was initially developed by the jazz musician Les Paul (real name Lester Paulfus) in the 1930's. The idea was the topic of discussion between him and his friends Leo Fender and Paul Bigsby. The first production electric guitar was the Broadcaster by Fender in 1951.The Precision Bass was also first taken into production in 1951, having been based on the much larger upright bass. In the case of the bass guitar the electric version was first, followed by the acoustic.

What type of string would I put on a Starcaster 34 scale acoustic guitar light or medium?

if you are taking about the guage of strings it depends on what you prefer. if you want them to bend easily go light. pick medium if you want them to be heavier.

Where is the a string on the guitar?

second thickest if its a 4 string bass or 6 string guitar

What is a guitar with 5 string called?

a five string guitar

What guitar string is the top line for guitar tabs?

The top line of a guitar tab is the high E string on the guitar, or the bottom string when looking down at the neck. (The thinnest string)

What is the smallest string number on a guitar?

The lowest string on a guitar is an E .........

What to do if your guitar string pops?

you go to a guitar shop and get another string

Which string is the top string on a guitar?

top as in thickest is the E on a 6 string ... heaviest top string on a 7 string guitar is a B

What is the difference between 6 string and 5 string bass guitar?

on a five string bass guitar there are five strings, and on a six string bass guitar there are six strings

What string is the sixth string on a guitar?

The 6th string on a guitar is the finest, highest pitched string. Although it is located at the bottom of the the guitar neck, it is called the 'top string' because it has the highest tone (when in tune).

What is the a string?

fifth string on a guitar

How many strings does a six string guitar have?

A six-string guitar has 6 strings on it, hence the name "six-string" guitar. ,- Roxas Riku

Can you replace the low E string with an A string on guitar?

You can, but I wouldn't suggest it. If you use a higher gauge string, you won't be able to tune down successfully, especially if you have a higher gauge string in place of the low-E.