Honda Civic LX

How do you replace ac compressor belt on a 1998 Honda civic?

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April 05, 2009 10:39PM

Comprssor bolt will be in your way so you have to take that off. I take both mounting screws off and the belt comes off. You have to get the ac belt off there , so to do that you just cut the belt with a knife. Then there is no way of loosening the compressor, so what you have to do is loosen the pully wheel. It will be located under the power steering pump. Then all you have to do is slide that pully wheel down the slotted adjuster mount. Then you have to jack the motor up and loosen the engine damper mount and slide a new belt arount the mount. (If you want to take the belt off with out cutting it you will see what I am talking about). It has to be around the mount, and the mount is inside the loop of belt. Thread up the adjustable pully, compressor and drive wheel on the belt. and then Tighten the belt. When the tension is on the belt tighten the nut on the pully. check for the proper deflection.