Chevy S-10

How do you replace air conditioning compressor on Chevy S10 4.3?

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2014-07-04 20:09:48

1) Disconnect negative battery cable

2) Removed the serpentine belt

3) Disconnect the connector that goes over the AC compressor

4) Removed the AC lines behind the compressor

5) Removed brackets attached to compressor going to side of

manifold bolts

6) Removed the 2 bolts below compressor supports and your


Some things you want to keep in mind are; be sure to add the

correct about of refrigerant oil directly into the low pressure

side of the compressor before reattaching the lines and turn the

compressor shaft a few times after adding the oil. Also an A/C

evacuate(needed to get all the air out of the lines) and recharge

will have to be done by someone with the required equipment. It's

also a good idea to change the filter/dryer and expansion valve(if

it's easily accessible) Since you'll have the system empty anyway

and when compressors die, they normally get all sorts of metal

shavings into yours system.

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