How do you replace the alternator on a 1989 VW Jetta?

the alternator on a 89 jetta isn't bad, but be careful because with this car it comes in threes, next is the starter, then probably the fas as the alternator, you must first release the bolt that runs through the bottom, save this, because you will need it for the new one. Next release the top bolt, in which holds it to the little crank doo dah, and now pull like seems to be just the perfect fit in between where that bottom bolt was connected, so it takes some time getting it off, and the new one back on.once you have the new one out, just go ahead and throw the new one on...the belt shouldn't interfere too much, give it the "gootentight" method, worked for me, as you put it back on. just make sure to leave it dangling while replacing the old one.