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Begin by removing the wiring harness from your 1992 Nissan antenna. Remove the antenna retaining nuts. Reverse the process to install your new antenna.

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Q: How do you replace the antenna on a 92 Nisson 240sx?
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Will a 92 240sx motor work in 95 240sx?

Sure it will, they are the same motor.

What is the offset for 92 Nissan 240sx?


What does egi stand for on my 92 240sx?

Its for fuel delivery

Will a 1995 ka24de would fit a 1992 Nissan 240sx?

Yes, some '92 240sx' came with the ka24de motor.

You have a 92 Nissan 240sx how come your tail lights don't turn on when your head lights are on at night?

they do

How fast does a 92 240sx go?

110 stock, but if the speed limiter is disabled it is well above that.

Will a 92 Honda civic engine fit in a 91 Nissan 240sx?

no the civic engine is a transaxle not rw

1992 Jeep Cherokee Limited; how remove and replace failed automatic radio antenna?

I was able to remove the existing power antenna on my '92 Cherokee through the wheel well. You have to remove three of the nuts attaching the plastic to the fender as well as pull out two plastic plugs. Pull back the plastic and you will see the power antenna right there. Good luck, Woody

How do you replace antenna on 86 Jaguar XJ6?

hope this can help a little.i had to replace my attena motor in my 92 xj6.and to do that i had to remove the rear light casing in the boot to be able to remove the carpet to get to the motor.then its a case of unplugging the wires undoing the motor casing. you can now access the attena. bearing in mind my version is newer so it may not be the same.(92 xj6)

How do you replace turn sinal flasher 92 Toyota Camry?

how to replace the turning flasher on a 92 camry

How do you replace the rear door lock on 92 Transport?

how do you replace rear door lock assembly on 92 pONTIAC tRANSPORT

What kind of gear oil is used in a 92 240sx?

It take 80/90 i work in a shop and changed mine out. It is the same

How to find and replace a 92 Acura Legend thermostat?

how do u find and replace a 92 acura legend thermostat

Broken antenna motor 92 Buick le Sabre?

My car had an issue with the antenna motor and my mechanic just fixed it so the antenna stayed up. Cheaper fix than getting a new motor!

How do you adjust the timing on a 92 240sx?

Loosen the 2 screws holding the distributor on and turn it left or right depending on the needed adjustment.

Hey im wondered if you can put 91-94 240sx front bumper and side fender and hood on a 89 240 because im dont really like the holes in the front wit the 89?

I bought a 89 240sx from my buddy, he had a 92 parts car and i replaced both fenders and the front bumper on the 89 with the 91 parts. In order for the bumper to fit you have to replace the inner 89 bumper with the 91.

Why can't you shift out of Park without pushing the shift release button on a 92 Nissan 240SX?

Safety feature to prevent accidental shifting.

How do you replace fuel pump 92 Mazda pick up B2200?

How do you replace fuel pump 92 Mazda pick up B2200?

What are the fuel pressure specs for a 92 240sx?

Straight out of the FSM :at idlewith vac - 34 psiwithout- 43 psi

What is the difference between a fender from a Nissan 89 240sx and a 92 240sx?

The difference between a 89 and 92 are the front bumpers. The only difference between the two fenders would be if the car is a fastback or a coupe. If they are both fastbacks (and different years), there is no difference between the two.Correct Answerthe difference between the fenders is.... on the later generation of the s13 (91-94) 240sx is that the have plastic pieces clip into the front bumper other than that there is no difference not even between coupes or hatches

Will a 1993 Nissan 240sx engine block bolt up correctly with a 1992 Nissan 240sx?

If you're talking about the KA24DE engine block, then it will fit with no problems since your 92 already came with a KA24DE in it. It should work fine. It's the same engine in both years.

How do you replace the exhaust resinator on a 92 geo storm 1.6 liter sohc?

how do i replace the exaust resinator on a 92 geo storm 1.6 liter sohc

How do you fix blinkers and hazards that stop functioning on a 92 Nissan 240SX?

this could be a blown fuse, defective flasher, loose connection, or burned out bulb tk

MY 92 Nissan 240sx has been in your garage for 5 years The starter is good the alternator is good but it still will not turn over?

Try the battery, but you might have already done that.

Is there an easier way to change the fuel pump in a 92 olds98 with out taken out the gas tank?

Ours did that. found it was the radio antenna that was trying to go down but wouldn't. We disconnected the motor on the antenna and it didn't do it anymore. It is a start