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I have a 2001 Venture. You need to remove the three bolts securing the bar that the fuse box is clipped to, then slide the tube out and move the fuse box out of the way. Then use an 8mm socket to remove the battery cables. You may need to loosen 2 more screws that hold a piece of plastic against the battery toward the bottom of the cavity. This piec of plastic holds the battery in place.

For a 2002 Venture, you need to:

a. remove the rubber hood gasket at the base of the windshield along the car-right side by pulling up on it

b. pull up and remove the triangular plastic shield in the car-right rear corner of the engine compartment

c. remove the rear bolt (13mm) on the large diagonal bar holding the fuse box

d. remove the two front bolts (10mm) on that diagonal bar, and the other nearby car-right bolt (10mm) holding the front of the plastic shield to the front rail

e. pull up and right on the large bar and fuse box to position it out of the way to expose the battery

f. remove the bolt (13mm) and spacer at the rear lower base of the battery

g. first remove the negative battery cable (8mm), then the positive cable (8mm)

h. pull the battery out

i. swap the thermal cover onto the new battery, remove protective terminal caps (if there), and reverse the procedure to reinstall the new battery. Always install the positive cable before the negative to avoid welding your wrench to the car.

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Q: How do you replace the battery in a 2000 Chevy Venture?
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