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How do you replace the blinker in your 1996 Oldsmobile bravada?


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It is called a Flasher Relay. It is located, Front seating area, driver side, driver side of steering column, behind instrument cluster, mounted in convenience center. It simply pulls out.


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1991 to 1994, then again in 1996 to 2004.

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On my 1998 the button is on top of the steering column. Try looking there.

it is located in the glove compartment ,look around you'll find it .

It is located in the fuel tank on the top. Unless there is a access panel somewhere inside the vehicle, you will have to remove the tank in order to get to the pump. Be sure to also replace the fuel filter.

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Look under the dash or under the hood for a box labeled fuses. Check the owners manual.

the blazer or jimmy hub and bearing assembly should work on your 96 bravada they are basically similar vehicles

No you must remove the dashboard. I just had it done on a 1996 Bravada and it cost me $450.00.

Here is a website that helped my change the heater core on my 94 bravada on around 12/15/05: http://www.sytyarchives.com/howto/viewarticle.php?article_name=heater_core.php&dir=climate_controls

If the horn does not work on a 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera, you can replace the horn. Almost any type of horn should be compatible.

I believe it is located at the oil filter adapter on the left side of the engine block rearward of the front differential. Supe hard to get to or even see.

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Assuming that you mean "wiper blade" (blade and frame) which are replaced often rather than "wiper arm" (piece from the spindle at the hood to the wiper blade) which are rarely ever replaced, the 1991-1994 Oldsmobile Bravada has "3/16" side lock" wiper arm attachments and the 1996-2004 Oldsmobile Bravada has the most common hook-end wiper arms. See Sources and Related Links below for installation videos. Also, purchase the replacement blades first and there will be additional instructions/illustrations on the replacement packages. Its very easy.

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the battery is under the back passenger's side seat. the whole seat comes off.

Gm does not use inertia switches.

If a 1996 Bravada will turn over, but not start, the carburetor may be plugged. Bad spark plugs, a clogged fuel filter, or a clogged air filter can also be the problem.

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under hood left side firewall above brake booster. 2 square relays, the one inboard my 1997 has the relays in the glovebox behind a small panel on the left

What are the torque specificatons for a 1996 v6 3.1 head on an oldsmobile achieva

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