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How do you replace the bulbs steering wheel on a 2002 aurora?

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April 29, 2007 4:45PM

Unfortunately this is one area of my car that I have been really unimpressed by GM. That $0.50 light bulb you want to replace on your dash or your steering wheel will be the cost of the switch it is behind. They are integral and the bulb can not be replaced on it's own. Pop the switch on your console for the heated seats, and you will see that it is really not something that can be done. An even worse thing. If you have a switch on your environmental controls on the dash that will not light. You would have to replace that whole unit, at a cost of about $900.00 Canadian, when they replaced mine after a different problem If you have an extended warranty They will not cover the light as the switch still works. Hope that helps. Kumar You can't, you have to replace the switch's themselves