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Unfortunately this is one area of my car that I have been really unimpressed by GM. That $0.50 light bulb you want to replace on your dash or your steering wheel will be the cost of the switch it is behind. They are integral and the bulb can not be replaced on it's own. Pop the switch on your console for the heated seats, and you will see that it is really not something that can be done. An even worse thing. If you have a switch on your environmental controls on the dash that will not light. You would have to replace that whole unit, at a cost of about $900.00 Canadian, when they replaced mine after a different problem If you have an extended warranty They will not cover the light as the switch still works. Hope that helps. Kumar You can't, you have to replace the switch's themselves

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โˆ™ 2007-04-29 16:45:24
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Q: How do you replace the bulbs steering wheel on a 2002 aurora?
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How do you replace light on button on steering wheel on duramax diesel?

Most steering wheel buttons bulbs are not serviceable, you must replace the button(switch) or the shole horn pad, most dash and switch bulbs are not serviceable

How do you change the bulbs in the steering wheel of a 1994 Trans Am that control the radio?

I was told that the bulbs are not replaceable. You have to replace the entire pad.

How do you replace lights in your steering wheel?

If a steering wheel has lights, there should be a way of accessing them. You want to look for some screws or pins on the back of the steering wheel. If none can be seen, the steering wheel may be pried apart to access the bulbs.

Replace the bulbs on a steering wheel of a catillac escalade?

go to gm and replace each unit pops out with screwdriver

How do you replace sensor for horn in steering wheel 1996 cavalier?

A person removes the airbag, and then the steering wheel with a steering wheel puller. Then pull out the sensor and clock spring, replace both, and replace the steering wheel and the airbag.Ê

How does one replace a car steering wheel cover?

You can replace a steering wheel cover by first removing the old steering wheel. Once complete, wash and dry clean the steering wheel and then apply your new steering wheel cover.

Location of horn on Oldsmobile Aurora 1998?

On the steering wheel

How do you replace an Isuzu Rodeo steering wheel?

To replace an Isuza Rodeo steering the steering column should first be removed. Pop off the front steering wheel cover to see the steering wheel nut. Loosen the nut and remove the wheel.

Why does only the volume button light up on a 2001 Aurora the other buttons on the steering wheel do not on this car?

it's either multiple bulbs or a broken circut some where in the system.

How do you change the bulbs in the buttons on the steering wheel on a olds aurora?

You must change the switch assembly, the lamps are not replaceable. They snap in and out without any special tool. I got mine at the GM dealer.

How does one replace a steering wheel in a vehicle?

One can replace a steering wheel by taking the top cap off, remove the screws, pull the steering off and then one can place the new steering wheels into the steering bracket.

How do you replace a 95 Camero's steering wheel with a custom steering wheel?

you don't because it's a federal offense to remove a steering wheel that has a stock air bag in it

My steering wheel on 1997 olds aurora is loose help?

There is a pin that goes in the side of the steering wheel. Take off the sterring wheel and cover. You should see a hole and the pin goes in there

How do you replace Ford focus dashboard light bulb?

Start with pulling the steering wheel all the way down (use the handle under the steering wheel), then pull the plastic that is under the cluster out towards you, under the plastic cover are two screws that you have to take out. After that you just need to wiggle the cluster out, and replace the bulbs.

How do you Replace Steering wheel fluid?

Remove the plug on the bottom of the power steering fluid pump. Drain the power steering fluid out. Replace the plug to the bottom of the power steering pump. Replace the power steering fluid.

How do you replace steering wheel control light in Silverado?

Have to replace the whole switch

How do you replace the turn signal switch on a 2001 Yukon?

You need to remove the steering wheel. The switch is located below the steering wheel.

How do you replace a fiat stilo driver side headlight?

To replace a Fiat Stilo driver side headlight , you need to first remove the battery cover and turn the steering wheel to the right. After this you should remove the wheel arch and then the cap that is on the headlamp back. This will make the bulbs visible. You can then proceed to replace the headlight.

Your 98 olds aurora has buzzing sound coming from the inside of the steering wheel?

Turn signal switch.

How do you replace the steering knuckle on a Chevy colbalt?

Replacing a steering knuckle on a Chevy Colbalt is easy. All you have to is take the steering wheel off and replace the old one.

How do you replace side marker lights on 2002 Oldsmobile aurora?

You have to take off the plastic shrouds in the inside of the wheel wells. There are about 4-5 plastic "push-in" screws (or snaps) that you have to pop out, then remove the shroud, and when you look into the wheel well you will be able to see the marker lights. Pop out the bulbs and replace but be careful because often times the bulbs have shattered and you'll cut yourself. Good luck.

How do you fix my turn signal switch on the steering wheel on a 83 Chevy caprice classic?

In most cases you will need to replace the turn signal switch on the steering wheel for your 1983 Chevy Caprice Classic rather than fixing it. To replace it, remove the horn pad and then use a steering wheel puller and compressor to remove the steering column. You will then remove the signal along with the wiring harness and bus fuses. Replace the signal and wiring and then replace the steering column itself.

How do you replace the steering wheel on 1997 Toyota Camry le?

You need to get a special tool, steering wheel puller. If you have it, disconnect the battery. Remove the steering wheel air bag (there are two screws holding it in place). Disconnect the bag harness. Remove the center steering wheel nut. Using the puller remove the steering wheel. Installation is reversed to removal.

How do you replace a turn signal switch on a 1973 dodge charger?

You have to remove the steering wheel. You will need a steering wheel puller that is fairly cheap to buy or rent.

How do you change windowshield wiper fuse on 2001 olds aurora?

To change windshield wiper fuse on a 2001 Olds Aurora, disconnect the negative battery cable. Then remove the nuts housing the wiper fuse under the steering wheel, on the left side. Remove the wiper and replace with new.Ê