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I want to tell you I am no certified machanic but I am a backyard mechanic. The first thing is to un hook the drive shaft,undo the clutch cable. Then bell housing then transmission mounts. Slide transmission out Pull out the disc the clutch plate and the throw out bearing. Get A pilot shaft when putting in the throw out bearing. To install reverse the procedure.

disconnect drive shaft at differential ...mark with chalk so it goes back the samedisconnect the intermediate drive shaft bearing supportslide out the drive shaft ...the yoke is splined and will pull out with the shaftdisconnect speed cable, two switches ...take off the shift boot then three screws then the stick shift will lift it slowly there may be a spring or a shim or washerdisconnect the slave clutch cylinder ...2 boltsdisconnect the transmission support beam ...6 bolts nuts you must remove slide holders and spring holding the emergency cablesdisconnect all bell housing except a couple on the bottomYou have to remove an exhaust supportput a hydralic jack under the xmission to the front of the oil drain (I drained the xmission oil because I didn't know if it would run out the extension housing)Put a little tension on the jack (my engine did not need any support)remove the final bolts and slide the xmission backBallance it on the hydralic jack (it really can't fall it will lean against the floor tunnell)lower it slowly...down by the front since the extenxsion housing is on top of the corss member (it helps balance)move the bell housing under the fly wheel stuff and help the extenxion housing downremove the 6 pressure plate bolts ...don't drop the pressure plate and the disk

Go to Advance Auto and for $125 you get a pilot bearing, pressure plate clutch disk, release bearing, plastic alingment tool

I left the pilot bearing in was still goodReplace the release bearing Replace the disk and pressure plate using the alingment tool 30 ftlbs for 6 bolts

if you need to replace the pilot bearing use a slide hammer if you have one or fill the hole with greese...get a bolt that just fits thru the pilot bearing hit it with a hammer and greese flys every where and maybe the release bearing came out.

replace everything....the hydralic clutch is self adjusting

It took me 5 hours to get it all apart And about the same to put it together...maybe 7 hours

Good Luck...its a perfect DIY job

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Q: How do you replace the clutch on a 1990 Mazda B2200 pickup?
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