How do you replace the coolant pump on a 2001 GMC Yukon?

Go buy a Haynes Auto Repair manual for your car. Roughly you do the following You have to disconnect the battery, drain the coolant or what's left of it. Remove the fan from the pump, remove the se4rpentine drive belt, you may have to remove the fan shroud, remove anything that's in your way so you can get to the pump, remove pump. Clean the areas the pump gaskets were, spotless. take new pump. Read the instrutions on the gasket dressing tube, bottle whatever; put gasket dressing on the faces where the gaskets go, following the aforementioned instructions put the new gaskets (should have come with new water (coolant) pump; if not wipe off the dressing you just applied and go get the gaskets. Now you have gaskets, you did take the new pump with you to make sure they are the right ones right? Re-apply dressing, re-install pump, and everything else in reverse order or removal. Clean up the mess, Go wash your hands.