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For the 2001 Corvette it's simple for replacing the Parking and Turn signal bulb. Using a Sylvania yellow bulb, part# 3157NA LL or 4157NA LLI did not worry about wasting the battery as I have a charger and it is much easier following the instructions below if you just turn on the head light and leave it on. I had to charge the system but did not have the hassle of manually lifting the headlight. much easier see addition at bottom to remove the hood stop to make you arm fit.

1. Instead of wasting the battery power, remove the rubber cover on the manual install wheel for the headlamp. 2. Turn the headlamp wheel manually until the lamp is fully opened. 3. There are three phillip screws on the plastic cover around the headlamp. As you face it looking down two on the right and one on the left. Remove the screws and the plastic cover. 4. You can't get your hand in from the front. From the side of the fender reach down and twist the plastic housing holding the bulb. Pull the old bulb out with a pair of dykes(pliers), notice the word "Sylvania" is facing up as you remove the bulb. 5. Insert the new bulb the same way and twist the housing back into its holder. 6. Replace the plastic cover and its screws around the headlamp. 7. Manually close the headlamp and replace the rubber boot. 8. Test the opening of the headlamps and check the new parking light and turn signal. 9. Operation should take no more than 15 minutes.

1 - raise and support the vehicle 2 - Remove the front fascia lower closeout panel. 3 - release the brake caliper cooling duct from the front fascia and position aside. 4 - Remove front turn signal lamp bracket. 5- Remove the lamp bracket retaining spring from the front fascia. 6 - Remove the front turn signal lamp bracket retaining screws. 7 - Disconnect the sockets from the lamp. 8 - remove the lamp, with the bracket, from the vehicle.

Reach inside the air intake opening just below the turn signal and push the black friction-fit hose back and down so it is out of your way. With the fingers of one hand, you can press the top of the black plastic duct (air intake) down to make room for your other hand to squeeze into the opening. Reach inside the hole and locate the wiring harness and lamp socket for the turn signal. The harness is on the bottom of the lamp assembly, so that the bulb is essentially sticking upwards into the reflector housing. Turn 1/4 turn and pull wiring harness out of the opening. Change the bulb and reverse the process. Takes about 4 minutes. Lance

One more comment... Make sure you use your wife's hand! Yours may be too big! If you can't get your hands in there, use the headlight method instead.

Another comment, the bulb holder has a locking tab on the front right side that must be depressed and the bulb turns counter clockwise if looking from underneath (or clockwise if looking down from the top) with the locking tab held in. Change time about 3 minutes.

After raising the headlight, remove the headlight shroud, two screws inboard and one out board. Slide the shroud forward and off the headlight assemble. This will allow you room to see down to the turn signal assemble and also allows you to hold the bulb assemble up to the junction between the base of the headlight and the nose of the car to replace the bulb.

One extra thing that will make it easier for big guys whose arms are tight getting in. take off the stop for the hood. It is located right to the inside of the headlight. you will know as it will be in the way of your arm going into the opening. I did that and my arm had lots of room and made the job a lot easier.

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Q: How do you replace the front turn signal bulb on a 2001 Corvette?
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