How do you replace the fuel filter on an 1987 Celebrity Any special tools you need or important steps not to miss?

I just completed this project on my 1987 Chevy Celebrity. You will need an open end 5/8 wrench and an open end 13/16 wrench. I also recommend a jack and removing the drivers rear tire. I am certain it could be done without removing the tire but if you do remove it then you don't have to lay in the dirt or in the driveway or wherever. The fuel filter is located towards the front side of the rear wheel well. 1st thing do is remove the fuel pump fuse. After doing this attempt to start the car 3 or 4 times. It shouldn't start, and by doing this you have released the pressure and will greatly reduce the fuel that leaks out when removing the old fuel filter. Even with removing the tire it is still in a tight space and takes a little patience because your not going to get any full turns on the wrenches let alone half turns. I found breaking the seal on the connection closest to the fuel tank first and then concentrating on completely removing what I would consider the side towards front worked best. after removing the front side then you can use the entire fuel filter and turn it to remove the backside connection. By going through these steps I probably leaked less than a half cup of fuel. Reverse the steps and put it back together.