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Open up the hood, and go in behind the fixture where the light is located. Twist the socket a quarter turn counter clockwise, and pull out the socket. Grab the bulb, and pull it straight out. To replace the new bulb, never touch it with your bare fingers, as this will greatly shorten the bulb's life, if it even work's at all. Use a tissue or something else in that order to handle the new bulb. Push the new bulb into the socket, put the socket back into the housing, and twist a quarter turn clockwise to secure the socket into the fixture

Actually, there is a small error in this answer above. I just replaced a bulb. You do not twist the socket a quarter of a turn on my 05 Outback Sedan. First, you twist the large plastic cover over the socket a quarter of a turn and remove it to get to the socket. Then, the socket has a funny looking clamp that goes around that back that has to be unclipped and swung out of the way, then the socket pulls straight out giving access to the bulb. (Rich, May 2015)

I have a Subaru Legacy GX 1996 and the procedure is slightly different. Open the hood and go to the back of the unit. Don't twist the rubber socket, just pull it straight off. A large rubber seal will then fall off leaving the back of the bulb exposed. Its fixed in place with a wire that can be unhooked (don't unscrew the screw that holds the wire in place) and the bulb slips out. Replace bulb and put back together.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1996 Subaru Legacy?
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