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Pry the white 'tab' from the w/ screwdriver, the tab will pop up about half of an inch. Tab should pop right up and head lamp pull out pretty good. When putting headlight assy. back in to place, align the headlamp up to holes behind the assy. Push on the headlamp and push tab down, and that should be it.


There is a white plastic piece that you will see if you open the hood of the car and look behind where the headlight is. You then pull up on this piece which releases the headlight. The headlight will come out of the front of the car, then you take off the rubber piece on the back. A turn of the bulb will have the bulb out and ready to be replaced.


(add to above) If you pull up the white tab too far, the headlight won't release, so just pull it up about 1/2 inch. You'll feel it "click". The headlamps are common types that you can find at any auto store. The INSIDE SET (brights) are part number 9005 and the OUTSIDE SET (regular) are part number 9006. I found them right under the front counter displays at Auto Zone.

yes to above, add -pry lower inside corner of headlamp assembly loose, then pry forward on headlamp assembly with one hand, while dithering the loosened white tab vertically with your other hand. You will find the proper vertical position of the white tab by feel and the headlamp will pop right out.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight of a 2003 Pontiac Aztek?
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