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You didn't mention the year, make and model vehicle but I would imagine you will have to remove the dash cluster to gain access to the rear of the cluster to change bulbs.

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Q: How do you replace the hi-beam indicator bulb in the instrument cluster?
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On a 2002 Trailblazer headlights don't work only Hibeam. Is it the headlight sensor or the switch assembly?

I have changed the driver's side bulb and checked all of the fuses,now the passenger side stays on hibeam only, nothing seems to work. And now the truck will not enguage into gear at all? any advice?

What is wrong with a Ford Focus rear turn signal that won't flash but only stays illuminated?

the bulb is probably blown there like a headlight bulb low beam hibeam so if its blown it will just be illuminated and not flash

How do you replace the HiBeam in a 1987 Jaguar Vanden Plas?

you start by removing the chromed Ring which is held in place by 1 screw at the top center; then you remove the Inner screws which hold the black ring to the headlamp Bucket, which holds the headlamp in place; WARNING: do not confuse these screws with the headlight Aim Adjustment screws which you can identify by a white plastic spacer and Spring behind them. do not touch those. Once the black ring is loosened and removed, the headlamp will tend to fall off, so keep your hand in front of the glass lamp. Pull the glass headlamp out from the Bucket, then disconnect the Electrical Plug from the rear of the headlamp, get the new replacement, re-connect the Plg to it, then reassemble both rings in reverse. this applies to all 4 headlamps. Same procedure and warnings apply.

How do you replace the shift indicator bulb on a 98 Mercury Villager?

The instrument cluster must be removed to replace the light bulbs on it.

How do you change indicator bulb?

I assume you mean a turn signal indicator on the instrument panel. Remove the instrument cluster (procedure varies with different vehicles). The bulbs for all the warning and indicator lights, as well as for instrument illumination, are typically in twist-out holders mounted on the back side of the cluster.

Where is the engine heat indicator in toyata raum 2004 model?

On the instrument cluster.

How do you remove the instrument cluster on a 2002 explorer?

Disconnect negative battery cableTilt the steering wheel to its lowest position and remove the instrument cluster bezelRemove the instrument cluster retaining screwsPull the instrument cluster out,unplug the electrical connectors from the backside and the shift indicator from the bottom (automatic trans models) then remove the cluster from the instrument panel

What is the easiest way to replace a burned out instrument panel turn indicator lamp in a 1991 Astro Van?

Remove the dash cluster to gain access to the bulbs.

The speedometer gauge needle goes crazy working on and off and seems that when it happen the transmission doesn't know what shiftings to make?

when that happens you usually just have to replace the instrument cluster when that happens you usually just have to replace the instrument cluster when that happens you usually just have to replace the instrument cluster

How hard is it to replace instrument panel lights on 1995 Nissan Quest?

# Disconnect the negative battery cable. # Apply the parking brake and block the rear wheels. # Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. # Shift the gearshift lever to the 1position. # Position the steering wheel in the full-down position. # Remove the two instrument cluster bezel screws. # Separate the instrument cluster bezel from the instrument panel enough to gain access to the electrical connectors. Disconnect the following electrical connectors: # Rear window wiper/washer switch # Rear window defogger switch # Hazard warning flasher switch # Power E-AT switch, if equipped # Security indicator lamp, if equipped # Cruise control ON/OFF switch # Headlamp switch # Remove the instrument cluster bezel with the switches attached. # Remove the four instrument cluster screws and separate the instrument cluster from the instrument panel. # Position the cluster to gain access to the gearshift indicator. Remove the gearshift indicator from the cluster. # Disconnect the electrical connectors from the instrument cluster and remove the cluster. # The installation is the reverse of removal.

How do you fix a buick regal instrument cluster?

Replace resistors on Instrument cluster circuit board. $1.00 @ Radioshack and about an hour of your time...

How do you replace the speedometer in a 95 Honda Accord?

You have to replace the entire instrument cluster.

How do you replace odometer light bulb in 2002 Saturn L200?

Below the instrument cluster is a trim piece that goes across the width of the instrument cluster. Remove the 4 screws then remove the trim piece. Remove the screws that retain the instrument cluster, then carefully pull the instrument cluster STRAIGHT BACK. The instrument cluster plugs in to a matching socket in the dashboard. Be certain that the pins do not get bent. It's a good idea to replace all of the bulbs once one burns out. The rest will be failing soon. There are two types of bulbs used in the dashboard, they might only be available at a GM dealership. Replace all of the bulbs. Carefully push the instrument cluster back into the dashboard, then test the lights and make certain that the instruments and indicator lights work before putting everything else back together. Replace the trim ring around the instrument cluster. Replace the bottom trim piece... Done. ... at least, that's how it works on the 2000 LS

How do you replace speed sensor 1999 elantra?

If the VSS is defective replace the instrument cluster.

How do you get the instrument cluster bezel off to replace the plexiglass cluster cover?

What kind of car?? 1999 grand am

Where are dashboard lights in BMW 325i?

Inside the instrument cluster. To replace them remove the cluster and take it apart.

How to change the High Beam Indicator Light in a 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity?

To change the high beam indicator you have to take the instrument cluster out of the dash.

How do you replace instrument cluster lamps in 2000 Subaru Forester?

You take out the cluster and replace the bulbs in the back of the cluster. Very simple job, takes baout 10 mins!

How do you replace the instrument cluster in an Infinity g35?

this is a 2008. help please.

How to replace speed sensor 1999 Hyundai elantra?

If the VSS is defective replace the instrument cluster.

How do you replace dashboard lamps on 1999 Saturn SC1?

Remove the instrument cluster then replace the bulbs. = =

How do you replace the digital odometer light bulb on a 2000 Saturn SL2?

You will need to remove the instrument cluster board. To do that, remove the trim piece around the instrument cluster, then carefully pull the instrument cluster out of the dashboard. Note that the instrument cluster plugs in to a socket in the dashboard, so be careful as you remove the circuit board so that you do not damage the plug. Once the instrument cluster is out, replace all bulbs. They twist to remove, and if the odometer bulb has failed, the others are getting old too. It might be best to replace them all to avoid future problems.

How do you change the bulb for dash lights in 2000 dodge durango?

Behind the instrument Cluster. Or remove it and replace the Cluster.

How do you replace the mileage display light?

What kind of vehicle? The light is most likely behind the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster would have to be removed to gain acces to the bulb.

How do you replace the instrument panel lights on a 1988 Ford Taurus?

remove trim in front of cluster, then 4 7-8mm bolts that hold in cluster then shifter indicator from bottom of cluster hten pull cluster out until u can get behind to find bulbs, twist and remove the light bulbs likely be found at radio shack good luck