How do you replace the ignition switch in a 2000 Pontiac grand prix?

I just did one on a 99 Grand Am. It really was quite simple once I got it apart. On mine, the ignition would not turn from the off position; therefore I could not remove the lock cylinder from the ignition switch (that took me while to ovecome). I am not familiar with the Grand Prix dash configuration, I assume it is similar. Just pick up a manual ($20.00, well worth it) for the grand prix it explains the removal process well. The Auto Zone near me had both the lock cylinder and the ignition switch in stock so I could see how it all went together before I got started. Once you get the new cylinder, you may want to take it to a lock smith and have it keyed to match the existing key so you don't have to mess with two keys (one for the doors and one for the ignition). The one thing you need to be aware of is the factory Passlock Security System. If you did not have the ignition re-keyed you will need to reprogram the security system in order for the car to start. I used the 10 minute reprogram for the Passlock 2 system, put the key in the ignition and turn the engine over (the car should not start, if it did you are done), turn the key to the ON position, let it set for 10 min. The security light should be flashing. After 10 min. the security light should stop flashing the car is ready to learn the new key value. Turn the key off, wait 5 seconds, and then try to start the car. Good luck!