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Remove the screws and clips on the dashboard. tilt the lower steering column carefully an slide out the dash unit. You should be able to see a set of bulbs and the one for the odometer is at the center. Remove and replace with a new one.

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Q: How do you replace the light bulb for the odometer on a 1998 Saturn SW1?
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How do you replace the odometer light on a 2002 Mercedes ML 320?

I need to replace the odometer light on 1998 Mercedes ML 320.

How do you replace the odometer cable on 1998 Mercury Villager?

You don't as it does not have a cable. You replace the speed sensor instead.

How to fix the odometer on a 1998 Infiniti QX4?

Replace the instrument cluster and have someone set the odometer correctly or you could face jail time.

How do I shut off ABS light in a 1998 Saturn SL2?

Un plug the fuse or replace the bad sensor. Usually in one of the front wheels

How do you replace shift gear light 1998 le altima?

how do you replace shift gear light on a 1998 le altima car?

How do you change a odometer light on a 1998 Saturn SC2?

This requires you to pull the dash panel out - the bulbs are located behind that. You will need to remove the trim pieces around the dash - then the dash display itself. Good luck. Eric

How do you replace a fan blower on a 1998 Saturn?

Where is the odometer on a 1998 Corvette?

On the 1998 Corvette, the odometer is digital. It should show up digitally right under the speedometer.

How do you replace belt tensioner on 1998 Saturn sc?

How do you replace a starter on a 1998 Saturn? video by richpin

How do you fix the odometer on 1998 Ford Expedition when the speedometer still works?

Have speedometer head repaired professionally or replace speedometer head

How do you reset the odometer on 1998 Pontiac Sunfire?

AnswerThe 98 Pontiac stores the odometer in the instrument panel cluster. The odometer can be reprogramed either by the dealer or there are companies that will re-program it for you (seach google, there are lots). Or you can buy the odometer programmer for about $1000 but its cheaper to just send the cluster module in. (not only is it legal to reset the odometer; its required in most states when you replace the engine. The odometer is required to reflect the mileage of the engine *NOT* the vehicle)

How do you replace the back brakes on a 1998 Saturn SL?

Check related links below for drum brakes.

What is the cost to replace a 1998 Saturn SL1 transmission?

1100 at the dealer. expect 800 at a local mechanic

How do you replace 1998 e-320 fog light builds?

You replace 1998 e-320 fog light builds by removing the protective cap and then unscrewing and screwing them back.

How do you replace the starter on a 1998 Saturn SC2?

Remove the positive cable from your 1998 Saturn battery. Remove the cables from the front of the starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new starter.

How do I replace rear turn signal bulb on 1998 F-150?

unscrew the 2 screws holding the light in. pull the light out. replace the light.

Why is speedometer and odometer not working 1998 Nissan pathfinder?

maybe your speed sensor is bad you will get a check engine light on the dashboard too.

Does the odometer on a 1998 Subaru Forester have a 100000th place?

The odometer on a 1998 Forester, just as any other modern car, has a million-mile speedometer.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1998 Saturn SL2?

Raise up on the tensoiner and remove the belt then replace it using the schematic on the fan shroud or in the owners manual.

How do you fix 1998 Honda passport odometer?

To fix the 1998 Honda passport odometer, simply take it to a professional mechanic or refer to the service and user manual.

What is the mileage on 1998 Safari van?

check your odometer

Why does the pcmb fuse keep blowing on a 1998 Saturn sl2?

You have a short somewhere. Find what the fuse is for and check/replace the wiring

How do you run back an odometer on a 1998 Mustang?

It is against Federal and State law to tamper with the odometer on any vehicle.

How do you replace the dashboard lights in a 1998 Ford Expedition?

Check engine light is out