How do you replace the rear turn signal bulb located on a 1999 Chevy Suburban?

I Second the "loose them they are gone forever". I searched everywhere and couldn't find the screw. I put some grease on the screw head to hold in place when I reinstalled. I like the idea of half pipe safety net. Everything else was pretty easy.

Open rear doors or lower tailgate. Look where body meets tail lamp. Two(small) screws (either torx or Philips). Remove screws and pivot tail lamp towards outside of vehicle.There are two hooks,pull tail lamp back,un plug, remove screws holding bulb holder. To remove bulbs pull them out. The only tricky part is removing the two screws where body meets lamp. If you lose them they are gone forever. A stiff piece of paper formed in a half pipe and used as a safety net, will let you get them out.