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How do you replace the serpentine belt for a 1998 Grand Am?


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For most cars and trucks there is a diagram showing the pattern the belt should take for each pulley. This is usually located under the hood on the radiator support. The vehicles I've had experience with have an idler pulley which supplies tension on the serpentine belt. This pulley is spring loaded, by using the correct size wrench, pull up on the pulley, relieving the tension on the belt and sliding the belt off or on.

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Loosen alternator remove old belt. Reroute new belt, tighten alternator.

Raise up on the tensoiner and remove the belt then replace it using the schematic on the fan shroud or in the owners manual.

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Loosen the tensioner pulley. The serpentine belt will become loose and can be removed. Put the new serpentine belt on and tighten the tensioner pulley.

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