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How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT?


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Change serpentine belt on 2000 GTJust so happens I did my 2000 GT last night. First you need to puts some blocks or a jack under the front end of the motor for some extra support before removing the top mount. Next you need to remove the top motor/torque mount plate found on the passnager side near your alternator. The 2 big bolts are 18mm but not sure what the 2 nuts are (they are smaller). You may have to move the overflow hose to your rad reservoir and a small black electrical box beside the mount out of the way. Then you need to pry your tensioner pulley towards the front of the car to loosen the belt off. They do not give you too much room to do this. You might have to pry off the side of the shock tower or somewher in there. Now you need to pry against the rubber mount of the torque mount which leaves you just enough room to squeeze out the old belt. Put your new belt on now and route it the way the diagram under the hood says (or on the back of your new belt's package). Put torque mount back together now but starting the 2 big bolts first and then the 2 nuts. Reconnect any hoses you removed earlier and black electical box, unblock motor etc...VOILA ... all done. Hope these instructions help and I did not forget any.



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