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open rear trunck lid. you will see fittings for the lights in rear light assembly. locate the fitting for the light that requires replacement. turn fitting counterclockwise and pull out. pull light bulb out of electrical socket.

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Q: How do you replace the tail light bulbs on the Mk II?
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1995 Dodge Spirit and you have no tail lights you checked the fuses and thay are fine is there any other things iI should check- thank you Jim?

check the tail light bulbs

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For any Gen II (1995 - 2005) Blazer, Jimmy, or Bravada, it's all the same. Open the hatch. On the side of the door jamb, you'll see two screws - those hold the tail lamp assembly in place. Remove those, and the whole tail lamp assembly will come out. The bulb holders are in the back of the tail lamp assembly - rotate them counterclockwise, and they will come out. Then you can replace the bulb, put the lamp holder back into the tail lamp assembly, and the installation is the opposite of removal. Pretty simple stuff.. only tools required are a short Phillips screwdriver.

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The Solara license plate light fuse is n the fusebox under the dash. The box is behind the coin holder on the Gen I Solara and the far left on the Gen II (04 and later). For the Gen II car the license plate fuse is #30. I don't have the list for the earlier vehicle. You'll find a diagram and numbers on the inside of the fuse box lid. That fuse also supplies power to the fog lights, tail lights, parking lights etc so if those things are working your problem isn't the fuse, more likely the bulbs. Cheers

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4-wheel drive?

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scenic II gearbox oil

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