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How do you replace the timing chain on a 2002 Kia Sportage?


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replace timing chainYou have to remove the shroud first. The fan is located on a bracket which is held by four bolts. This piece comes off as a whole. You will need to remove all three belts. Take off the timing cover and the large pulley that runs the belts. this will get you started. I however need to know how to realign the timing on the same vehicle.

Drain the anti-freeze from the radiator and remove the top hose.

Loosen the alternator, the Power Steering pump and the AC tensioner.

Remove the fan from the fan bracket, and then remove the fan shroud. You should be able to remove all belts easily now.

Remove two nuts holding on the thermostat housing and puul it out of the plastic cover. It slides on two bolts into the plastic cover. Make sure to have a gasket on hand for it.

Remove the cranckshaft pulley heldon by 6 10mm bolts. There is a 21mm boltin the not remove it.

Remove the bracket from the alternator to the fan bracket, then remove the three large bolts holding on the fan bracket....17mm bolts.

Remove the two covers over the timing belt. With the cranckshaft pully remover, you should be able to see what looks like a washer under the 21mm bolt....with a square nub on the washer. This nub will be what you use to help index the timing. Turn the crankshaft until that nub is pointed straight up. Now look at the two large pulleys at the top on the motor. On my 99 Sportage, they were both marked with an "E" and an "I". Facing the motor, you want to have the "I" on the left pulley at 12:00 oclock and the "E" on the right pulley at 12:00 oclock and the nub on the crankshaft at 12:00.

In the center of the motor are two small wheels...the right being an idler wheel and the left being the tensioner for the belt. Loosen the tensioner wheel bolt, and the pry the tensioner to the left and then retighten the bolt to hold it in place. Now remove the timing belt.

Also, at this point, if necessary, you can replace the water pump, as the two small wheels are mounted to the water pump. Personally, If I were replacing the timing belt, I would also replace the water pump so I wouldn't have to go thru all this again anytime soon.

Install the new timing belt...making certain that all marks are still at 12:00 o'clock. You may have to use a wrench to turn the two upper pulleys to 12:00 as they have a tendecy to turn slightly. Having a friend to help would be an advantage. Once to have the belt in place, loosen the bolt on the tensioner wheel and pry it to the right to tighten the belt and then tighten it's bolt in place. Now, take a 21mm socket and turn the crankshaft over several times to make sure that every second time the nub goes around and returns to 12:00 o'clock, the two pulleys line up with "I" on the left and "E" on the right. You will notice that if you only turn the crankshaft over one time, the "E" and the "I" will change sides...therfore turn the crank over twice to make sure the "E" and "I" line up as originally stated.

Then just put all the stuff back on, adjust all belts to tension, fill with water/anti-freeze, and say a little prayer. And then go back and hook up the two wires to the thrmonstat housing that you forgot about.


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