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to remove the water pump on the 94 caddy sedan deville with the 4.9 engine first remove the round brace that runs over the top of the battery---then remove the battery and the windshield washer revivor take a pad of paper and draw a picture of how the belt goes on----very important that you get this correct. then remove the belt by releasing the pressure with 1/2" breaker bar--there is a square hole for it on the tension adjuster---at this point you really should power wash the area very well----it makes it a lot easier may have had to loosen the bolts on your water pump pulley now or prior to removing the belt---mine was broken off ---now remove all of the bolts and burrsaround the outside of the pump---there are also some bigger burrs in the middle of the pump ---check very carefully to be sure you have them all out---now with a couple of pry bars gently pry on the pump watching closely to be sure that you have all of the bolts out now spend whatever time it takes to clean very well the engine ---much more area than you think you need to I used ametal scraper for the bigger stuff and finished with a razor blade---now (I used the blue permatex gasket maker) apply the material to your water pump and put the gasket on it----coat the engine with the same material and slide the water pump into place---holding it in place start (not tighten) all your bolts---you may have to use a small punch to align the gasket ---now gently tighten all of your bolts in secquence so as not to get too much pressure on any one bolt--you really should have the torque setting and use a torque wrench at this time---now install the pulley--also should be torqued.....install your belt... and replace your wasaher rev. and battery replace the brace and now wait whatever time your gasket material says to wait for it to setup----mine was quite a few I just waited until the next evening and refilled..ran it refilled and watched for leaks ......using surgical gloves helps to keep you cleaner and really arn't to bad to work in I went through about 6 pair on that job and actually got it all done in one evening and refilled it the next nite

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1994 Cadillac DeVille?
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