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How do you replace timing belt in 1986 Pontiac sunburst?

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What is the ignition timing for a 1986 Pontiac firebird 2.8l?

The timing should be 8 degrees

1986 Pontiac fiero it backfire and truns off?

check the timing....

What advances the timing on a 1986 Pontiac Firebird 2.8v6?

timing is adjusted by the ignition module and feed back from sensors

How do you replace steering column on 1986 Pontiac parisienne?

how to change steering column on 86 pontiac bonneville

How do you replace an oil pump on a 1986 Pontiac trans am?

Drop the oil pan

How do you change a timing chain step by step preferably on a 1986 Pontiac fiero gt?

This is a large job and requires a manual, and removal of the engine from the car to do properly.

Where is the water pump located on a 1986 Mazda b2000 pickup?

It is behind the timing case cover behind the crankshaft pulley.You have to remove the timing belt to replace the water pump for this repair.

When do change the timing belt on a 1986 corvette?

there is no timing belt it has a timing chain

Does a 1986 Pontiac trans am have airbags?


What is the difference between the 1986 Pontiac trans am and 1986 Pontiac Grand Theft Auto?

Nothing, the GTA didn't come out until 1987.

Where is the timing mark on a 1986 Mercedes 190e?

The 1986 Mercedes-Benz timing marks can be found on the main pulley. The timing marks will be scattered around the outside of the pulley.

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1986 Pontiac Firebird?

Take the top radiator hose loose from the top of the engine. The thermostat is under there. just pry it off with a screwdriver.

How much does it cost to put a timing belt on a 1986 Toyota MR2?

The timing belt is not difficult to replace nor is it expensive in and of itself. The problem is that the timing belt is difficult to get to. Mechanics also suggest that you replace the water pump and possibly some other components so that the the same area does not have to be dismantled in the future to do these repairs. It is not hard to get into the $400+ range.

How do you replace the timing chain on a 1986 firebird with a 305?

Remove everything in front of the timing cover. Loosen the oil pan. Remove the timing cover. Replace the chain and gears by lining up the dots on the old gears and installing the new gears with the same alignment. Clean everything real good and put it all back together.

Does a 1986 Pontiac fiero have power steering?


How do you change the timing belt on a 1986 Chevy pick up?

There is no timing belt in that engine. It has a timing chain.

What is the timing on a 1986 Honda xr80r?

i set the timing and cant get my xr80r to start?

What transmission came in a 1986 Pontiac trans am?


What is the brand new price on a 1986 Pontiac fiero?

The 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT, was priced at $12,875-$12,999 which was nearly $4,000 more than the base model.

How much horsepower does a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne have?

The 1986 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham has a 4.3L V6 engine that is able to produce up to 130 horsepower. Its seating capacity is six.

Replace water pump for 1986 Chevy Nova?

Replace water pump for an 1986 Chevy Nova?

Does a 1986 Pontiac Trans Am have a Posi Rear End?


What is timing degree for a 1986 ford ranger 2.3?

5 deg atdc --------------------------------------------------------------- shows the timing on a 1986 Ranger 2.3 L as 10 degrees BTDC

Where are the timing marks on a 1986 Mazda b2000?

the timing marks for that year Mazda are on the crank pulley and corresponding marks are on the timing belt cover.

What is the cause of erratic timing on 1986 S-10 blazer?

worn or loose timing belt?