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Tell one of your supervisors who it was and say that they gave you an inappropriate response.


You can also click on the 'Report abuse' link (in red) above the question

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Q: How do you report an inappropriate response to WikiAnswers?
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How do you report comments on WikiAnswers?

If you would like to report something you deem as inappropriate here at WikiAnswers, you can message any Supervisor about it and they will look into it.

How do you report inappropriate content on WikiAnswers?

Up at the top of the screen underneath the search box, there is a button that says "report abuse." If you click on that it will report the answer.

How do you report inappropriate usernames on WikiAnswers?

To report inappropriate usernames, you have two alternate choices. One way is to click on the link below to go to the Community Forum in the 'Report Vandalism and Abuse' section. Create a new topic and that is where you can report inappropriate usernames on WikiAnswers. The other method is to just post a message on a Community Assistant's message board with the link to an inappropriately named user.

Why is WikiAnswers so silly?

Anyone can post so some post silly stuff. If you think the answer is inappropriate, report it.

Where do you put bad questions on WikiAnswers?

You must report inappropriate questions to Supervisors. Click the Report Abuse link in the question and your query will be sent. Please do not repeat this process.

How does information get into WikiAnswers?

different people who know the information that you are looking for, answer the question for you, and other people may edit it to fix grammar and report if its inappropriate...

Why doesn't WikiAnswers block inappropriate questions?

WikiAnswers doesn't 'block' inappropriate questions, but rather stores them so no one can answer an inappropriate question that has already been asked. It is called a 'Catch-All', and it stores all of the inappropriate questions so when a user types in an inappropriate question that has already been asked and merged into that Catch-All, they will get an answer telling them that inappropriate questions are not allowed on WikiAnswers. In a way, WikiAnswers does 'block' inappropriate questions.

What Questions Are Inapproipaite for WikiAnswers?

The question you asked is inappropriate for WikiAnswers.

Why are there answers on WikiAnswers where people have put women stay in the kitchen to a question which is not about kitchens?

Probably because someone thought it was funny rather than inappropriate. If you see anything like that, go ahead and report it as inappropriate, and we will get it changed.

What would be almost but not quite too inappropriate to show on WikiAnswers?

Some things are not welcome on WikiAnswers. This includes cyber bullying, vandalism and inappropriate questions comments and answers. Anything that includes swearing and things of inappropriate subject matter is not welcome on WikiAnswers.

Is there a category for adult content on WikiAnswers?

No. WikiAnswers is a family-oriented website. Please report all pornographic, leud, illegal, dangerous, insulting, or otherwise inappropriate content to a supervisor. A listing of supervisors can be found at the below link.

Should you delete wrong or silly or offensive answers?

You can use the Report Button on any question that seems inappropriate for WikiAnswers or Staff will review each reported question.