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Individuals can't report other people to the credit bureaus. Companies must meet legal requirements to input and access credit bureau files. Credit bureaus are regulated businesses who accept entries from their paying clients. Those clients must meet legal criteria to access and imput data to a consumers' credit file. There is no way that an individual would qualify, even if that person were willing to pay the fees. As an individual, you can take someone else to court over a debt. If you win the case, you would be granted a judgment. This judgment, being a public record, would eventually show up on the defendants credit report. This type of public record is routinely included in credit reports. Turn a bill in for collections to a collection agency. They'll take a percentage of any money collected, but in the process they can report to the reporting agencies.

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Q: How do you report someone to a credit bureau if they were your tenants?
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Where can someone get free credit report?

Anyone can get one free credit report a year from a credit bureau. Available options are go to the bureau or use one of many reliable websites to request a report.

Can you report a debt someone owes you to the credit bureau if they are not paying?


What exactly is a 3 bureau credit report?

A 3 bureau credit report, refers to a credit report that contains all the credit scores of an individual, from the leading three credit bureau companies.

Report an unpaid bill to credit bureau?

How do I report an unpaid bill to a credit bureau?

Where can I find a free 3 credit bureau report?

You can find a free 3 credit bureau report on

What are some benefits of getting a 3 bureau credit report?

A 3 bureau credit report has many benefits. A 3 bureau credit report can protect you from credit fraud by giving you quick access to all of your credit accounts. Another benefit of a 3 bureau credit report is that by getting information on your credit from 3 different bureaus insures no important information is left out.

Obtaining a report from the credit bureau can be done how?

There are many ways one might obtain a report from a credit bureau. The website, Annual Credit Report is the most reputable and does not require a credit card.

If someone fails to pay on a promissory note can you report them to the credit bureau?

small claims court

How do you report a business to a credit bureau?

You would have to be a client/contributing member of the bureau to report information.

Can you get a free credit report by contacting the credit bureau?

Yes. Each credit bureau will allow one free credit report per year. You can access these by phone, written request through mail, or online at each credit bureau's website.

How does a private mortgage holder enter a favorable report on the mortgagee's credit?

A private mortgage holder normally does not belong to a credit bureau; therefore, can not report credit activity to a credit bureau..

How long does an eviction show on credit report?

If you receive a judgement to evict non-paying tenants plus a judgement for rent monies unpaid and court costs how to do report this to the credit bureau if you do not have a SS# for the husband and wife? They are believed to have skipped the State when evicted.

How can I receive an instant credit report?

Many smaller companies inquire into credit, but they do not report credit on a monthly basis. On a single-bureau credit report, you'll see the companies that have made a credit inquiry using that particular credit bureau: Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union. (A 3 bureau merged credit report is more appropriate if you want to see companies who have inquired into your credit from all three credit bureaus.)

Can an individual change someone elses credit report?

Individuals may not submit changes to a credit bureau, however, any business entity (INCLUDING sole proprietorships, which may only be one person) that is a member of the credit bureau may report tradeline information.

What will happen if you dont paid your credit card bills?

Your credit card company will report you to one of the three credit agencies, Experian credit bureau, Equifax credit bureau, and TransUnion credit bureau.

Are credit require to report credit to all three credit bureau?


Does Home Depot report business credit to credit bureau?

does home depot report to credit bureaus? I am trying to rebuild my credit.

Is there a dollar amount for collection agency's to report to the credit bureau?

A collection agency can report you to the credit bureau for any amount of money. There are agencies that will report for amounts under a hundred dollars.

How do you report a debtor to credit bureau?

You can simply write a letter to the bureau and report whatever you have to say about them to the bureaus. You can also call and report them if you prefer.

Where do you send information for your credit report for the 3 credit bureaus?

In the back of your credit report there is a listing of addresses and phone numbers for each credit bureau.

What agency can produce a report about your past and present credit activity?

a credit bureau

When are the consumers entitled to a free credit report from a credit bureau?

When you have been denied credit or annually.

Can an individual that is not a bank change someone's credit report?

No. Individuals generally do not have the ability to submit tradeline information to a credit bureau. However, ANY corporate entity (including sole proprietors) may become a member of a credit bureau and submit credit information.

How do you find out what financial institution issued a credit card when the account number is not on your credit report?

Call the Credit report agency that pulled your credit from the Bureau's and ask them to look at the back of the credit report where it says inquiries.

Is it true you are responsible for correcting any errors on your credit report?

Yes, if there is an incorrect information in your credit report, you have the right to dispute it and if proven correct, the credit bureau will not report it again.