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Unless you are a computer programmer, "reprogramming" is not what you want to do to your laptop. Look at the Related links below, for information on how to format your hard drive and install Windows.

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How do you reprogram pcm on semi truck?

Pay several thousands of Dollars for the software, install the software on a compatible laptop, plug the laptop in, and go from there.

How do you reprogram laptop and the software to use for it?

well, what do you mean reprogram a laptop and software. 90% of software you buy can not be reprogrammed. You need what they call source code files. With out these, you are not doing a thing with the software. There are other ways around it, and its called reverse engineering. Which is illegal and not recommended

How do you remove the speed limiter to a 1999 Volvo fh12?

You take it to a Volvo Dealer and they plug in a laptop and reprogram some parameters on the ECU in the truck.

How do you reprogram my car computer?

take it to a mechanic he will reprogram it for you

How reprogram 2003 VW key?

you will need to go to a main dealer to get it reprogram it

How do you reprogram Nokia c3-00?

how to reprogram of nokia c3-00

How do you reprogram a 2005 Kia remote?

According to what I have been told, the dealer must reprogram it.

Do you need to reprogram your ecu when adding a turbocharger?

yes i want to reprogram my ECU of my bike

How long does it take to reprogram the brain or mind?

Please explain what you mean by "reprogram," with examples if possible.

How do you reprogram the door lock on a 2007 kia?

Take to dealer as they have to reprogram with the computer. I have to do the same thing on mine.

How can you make your 2001 Chrysler 300m pass your governor mph?

You will need to reprogram the computer with an upgrade programmer.You will need to reprogram the computer with an upgrade programmer.

Can you reprogram a gps?

Yes you can!

How reprogram iPod?

on itunes

HOW to reprogram 2009 Nissan altima after changing car battery?

There is nothing to reprogram except the radio presets and the clock.

How do you reprogram the pcm on 05 colorado?

unhook the battery terminal and connect it again that will cause the computer to restart meaning reprogram

How do you reprogram keyless entry keypad for Grand Marquis 1998?

You cannot reprogram it. A dealer can get you the Master Code if you've lost it.

Where do you reprogram hhr remote?


Can you reprogram Mercedes key fob?


What should you do if your computer yells at you?

Reprogram it.

How do you reprogram a lost keyfob for a Peugeot 407 sw 2007?

Procedure to reprogram a lost keyfob for a Peugeot 407 sw 2007

How to reprogram the car remote of 2000 VW Jetta.?

You can use the two keys to reprogram the car remote of 2000 VW Jetta.

Is it illegal to reprogram a rev limiter?

Not at all, is it not illegal to reprogram or even remove a rev limiter, however it may affect your warranty etc.

How do you reprogram the engine after changing the battery?

Assuming you are talking about the car's computer, you shouldn't have to reprogram anything besides your radio station presets and your clock.

How do you reprogram to PS3 controler?

If you are not on a PS3 you don't

How do you reprogram bcm on 1995 cirrus?

not needed