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How do you request that a movie be released on DVD?


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You dont, they decide Actually, the general (buying) public does have some sway when it comes to what a movie studio decides to release. If there are enough requests, and they realize it's a moneymaker, they will do a release. It does, however, often take a few years. If you google the movie you want to see released, you will usually come across sites where others want the same. For instance, I would love to see Electric Dreams released. Amazon has a list I am on that will notify me when it becomes available. Unfortunately, I've been on that list for over a year now. If Amazon get enough requests, they will let the movie company know people want it. There are also petitions that people start that you can sign online. You could also write to the movie studio, but you'd need to be sure of the correct address and person to send to, and this can be a daunting project!


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