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If you go to your local library you will find many books available to offer you information on such a topic. If you would like to ask me directly anything pertaining to your dream I would be willing to try and assist you - you can contact me on my messageboard.

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It can be a verb - to dream It can be a noun - I had a dream

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Like I am a pagan and I am trying to find my God and my Goddess I am drawn to the Greek Pantheon and I keep having a dream about this man he has brown eyes, he is tan, he wears black clothes, he has black hair and he tells me he will always protect me and that he loves me. And no I have never met the man before but I have been doing some research prior to the dream for my God and Goddess to appear to me then I had those dreams so I did more research after the dream. Also I keep drawing this man with blue eyes, and blond hair he looks almost like the man from my dream but different. Anyways my question as well, is or could he be my God and if so can he change his appearance at will and if so who is he? The question box would not allow me to add this part as well so here it is.

mine was when the lady was drug off the bed then down the hall that was hilarious

More often than not, naturally occurring phenomenon have no symbolism. If this family of duck appeared to you in a dream or on a dream/totem quest, then you may find it significant. The family part in a dream would mean your own family in a dream-quest it could be interpreted as the lodge you will belong to.

The part between when you close your eyes and the part where you wake up

The American Dream - 2013 I Dreamed a Dream Part 2 1-10 was released on: USA: 4 December 2013

The American Dream - 2013 I Dreamed a Dream Part 1 1-9 was released on: USA: 27 November 2013

Mew cannot be found in the Dream World, it will only be available in the Dream World as part of a promotional event.

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