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How do you reset 330i 2006 service light?

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Answered 2020-11-23 16:36:15

You'll need to use a scan tool or other OBDII software to reset your service lights.

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The oil change light on a 2006 BMW 330i is reset by turning the key, pressing the trip button, and then the DC button on the turn indicator. The left scroll button is then used to select the oil light and the DC button held until it clears.

For your 2006 BMW 330I: Wheel Stud Torque 72-87 Foot pounds (Final torque)

After replacing pads and sensors, turn the ignition key on and leave on for approximately 2 minutes. This resets the brake pad wear warning light.

I found that urinating on the passenger seat works well. You can also try inserting your phallus into the cigarette lighter to cause a short.

If your 330i is a 2006 model or newer, it does not have an oil dipstick. Otherwise, check the oil dipstick for oil level.

i have a circular light on with an exclamation mark inside i have a 2006 330i bmw what does that mean it pops on and then goes off

1. First turn the ignition off2. Press and hold the trip odometer button WHILE turning the key to position 13. Keep the button depressed about 5 seconds until you see "oil service" or "inspection" with "reset" or "re" in the display then let go4. Press the button again and hold for approximately 5 seconds until "reset" or "re" flashes5. While the display is flashing, briefly press the button again to reset the service interval. After the display has shown the new interval you should see "END SIA" for about 2 seconds*Note that if the "Reset" or "Re" does not flash, then you have not met the minimum consumption even and cannotresetThis procedure has been tested on the E46 3 SeriesHope I helped :)

My 330i front bumper needed replacement and it was estimated at 862.45

You have to go through the trunk - it's pretty easy

A service engine light soon light on a BMW330i could have come on at 53,000 miles for a number of reasons. This service light comes on sometimes to tell the driver an oil change is due, the oxygen sensor is getting bad, or an air filter is plugged. There is also a possibility that a wire has broken on one of the sensors in the engine.

You need to hold the odometer button down for about 5 seconds when you turn the key from off (position 0) to accessory (prosition 1). When you first turn the key, you will see "test 1", don't let go of the odometer button until the display changes to show "reset". Once you see "reset", let the odometer button up, then press and hold it again for about 5 seconds until the "reset" starts flashing. Once it is flashing, let up on the odometer button then press it one more time. Now you should see a message that says "END SIA" and your oil service light should be reset. This worked for me on my 2001 330i.

Several 3 series models came out in 2006. Some of these were the 325i, 325xi,330i, 330xi, 325ci, and 330ci.

330i is a 4 door the 330Ci is 2 door.

The most common cause is a dead cell in the battery which requires that the battery be replaced. It can also be a light on somewhere. Like and under-hood, glove box, trunk, curtorsey light, etc. Can also be a relay that is stuck.

With out performance and power enhancing parts the BMW 330i has 235 horsepower!

I'm thinking Mobil 1 Synthetic 0w-30w 0r 5w - 30w. Gary Mantell

The tire light can come on for a number of reasons. Low tire pressure, a flat tire, or in my case a couple days ago, I got the tires rotated. Confirm the tire pressure on each tire, which is usually a sticker on the driver inside door frame (my car is 29#'s on the front and 36#'s on the rear tires). You can reset the warning light after confirming there is no obvious problem with the tire condition and pressure. Your owners manual will have the information for your model and year on how to reset certain error codes or call BMW service for some help. I have a 330i and all you do is push the (2) on the short column (by the blinker), then keep pressing the number (1) button until the tire symbol appears, then push and hold the number (2) button for 5 seconds until a little check mark appears, then drive away.

The red cog light on the dashboard is a transmission warning light. There are many possible problems that cause the light to turn on. You'll need a scan tool to read the error codes.

The M54B30 engine fitted to the 2000 BMW E46 330i has 6 cylinders, arranged in a straight inline configuration.

The BMW 330i was introduced to the market in March 2005. Also called the E90 series. BMW car models are named very confusingly, you would think the the 330i would be in an E30 series or the E80 series would have been released in the 90's but that is not the case.

in the trunk, on the right side

No the camshafts are chain driven.

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