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How do you reset a ds?


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To reset a Nintendo DS/DS Lite just remove the battery for about 10 seconds.

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No, it doesn't. The only way you can reset a Nintendo DS is to turn it off and turn it back on again (hard reset).

Remove the battery for about 10 seconds. Then put it back in, and your DS/DSLite/DSi has been reset.

You will have to reset your DS or what ever Nintendo system your using.

Yep:Nothing like the psp (no reset button).

You will have to delete any saved files for that game to reset it and start from the beginning. You can do this by accessing the memory section of the Nintendo DS.

To restart an Nintendo DS Lite, remove the battery for about 15 seconds and reinsert, you're DS should be reset.

If your goal is to perform a hard reset of the DS Lite's system and clear the data, then a solid method involves taking out the DS Lite's battery pack. This battery pack has to be disconnected for at least ten seconds to get the system to fully reset.

when you turn it on touch the case and it will say reset or continue touch reset. hope that helps.

just use the on off slide switch located in the side of ds lite :)

you have to reset the ds system or in some cases, wait

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hit all the buttons at once

you reset it by pressing ALL the buttons at the same time when its at the loading part when you just pressed the tab.

Are you playing it on gba or DS if DS press a+b and start+select at the same time

Press L + R + Select + Start.

how do you rest my secret world for the NINTENDO ds

go to options then erase data

No...Unless you have a DS Hacker who can hack previous saves. P.S. If you do have a DS Hacker I recomend not using him.

Reset Factory Settings for Nintendo DS1. Take the Battery out and wait 45 seconds or longer and then reinstall the battery. 2. Turn the DS over and remove the small screws holding the battery access cover3. Remove the battery

You can't And don't try it in a different ds or dsi

Hit the start button and tap on the cog icon. There should be a button that says "Reset Data". Hope this helped.

XABYLR pressure when the DS is charging and you will see in the picture Nintendo Keep in mind that ANYTHING will also be deleted trainer points

Most DS games are not password protected. If one is you will most likely have to reset the game and start over.

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