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My Explorer won't turn over; the lights come on and attempted to jump the vehicle. Where is the fuel bottom if engine does not turn over?

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 20:02:59
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Q: How do you reset the onboard compass in a 1998 Ford Eddie Bauer Expedition?
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Why is the heater not working in the ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

If the heater is not working in your Eddie Bauer edition Ford Expedition, your heater core is probably junk and needs to be replaced.

Is the inside of expedition xlt as big as Eddie Bauer?

Yes , XLT and Eddie Bauer are just two of the Ford trim levels

Which has more feautures Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer or XLS?

Ford Expedition EB

Is inside of expedition XLT as big as Eddie Bauer expedition?

The Ford Expedition XLT or Eddie Bauer are two of Fords trim levels ( Eddie Bauer having more standard features than the XLT ) So , if the Ford Expeditions are the same model years , the amount of space inside is the same

Where is the computer module located in the 2000 Eddie Bauer expedition?

In a 2000 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition, the computer module is located under the dashboard and to the left of the brake pedal. The module should be cream-colored.

Does a 1997 Eddie Bauer Expedition come with an electric brake control?

yes it does

What type of freon for 1997 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?


What size subwoofer in a 2002 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

10 in. subwoofer

Is the Onboard Diagnostic Computer on my V6 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer OBD 2 or OBD 3?


Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer stereo questions?

i have a 1999 ford expedition. my subwoofer and amplifer are good but no sound what can i do to fix this

Where is the fuel pump located on a 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

gas tank

How much oil is needed for a 2000 expedition 4x4 Eddie Bauer?

About five quarts.

How many lugs does a 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer have?

6 per wheel

What type of refrigerant is used in 1999 Ford Eddie Bauer Expedition?

r 134

How many lugs nuts on a1999 Eddie Bauer expedition?

5 per wheel

What size subwoofer is in 2005 Eddie Bauer ford expedition?

Custom 8" sub

What size of transmission goes into a 98 ford expedition Eddie Bauer edition?


Where is the voltage regulator on a 99 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

I believe it is in the back of the alternator

How big is the inside of expedition xlt compared to Eddie Bauer?

If they are the same model years , the interior space would be the same ( XLT and Eddie Bauer are Ford trim levels , Eddie Bauer having more standard features than the XLT trim level )

How do you reset the compass on a 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

There is a small hole on the underneath side of the rearview mirror. You have to use a paperclip to push the reset button inside and turn the vehicle in slow, short circles until it resets.

How do you replace the pcv hose on a 1997 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

Take it to a licensed mechanic.

Ford Expedition 2000 Eddie Bauer air suspension problems?

Need to know what the problems are.

Where is the computer module located on a 2005 Eddie Bauer Expedition?

find body control module its on that

Oil pan expedition Eddie Bauer 2002 where is it?

The oil pan is bolted to the bottom of the engine

Why are my Rear window vents not working in my 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

check fuses