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i need to reset the code for my 1994 BMW 325i

can anyone help other than an authorized dealer which is about 100 miles from where i live

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 21:12:51
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Q: How do you reset the radio code in a 1993 BMW?
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BMW compact radio reset code?


How do you reset radio code for 1993 BMW 740il?

most codes 5 numbers i have the same BMW 740i try this code 16526 does not hurt to try it carlos puchades

How do you reset the code on your BMW 2001 z3 radio?

How to reset security code in 2001 Z3

How do you reset the radio in a 1992 BMW 525i?

In order to reset the radio in a 1992 BMW 525i, you will need a five digit code from the manufacturer. Once you receive the code, you can check your user manual for the correct sequence to reset the radio.

What is the security code release procedure for radio BMW M3?

You will have to go to the dealer to get the reset code and instructions. It will be unique to your particular radio.

Have Code on radio after dead battery on 1993 BMW 325?

take your car to the BMW dealer they should know the code or you can take the radio out and see the serial number and call a BMW dealer and they can give the code over the phone it has 2 screws and it pops out

What is the procedure to reset the radio code on a 1995 BMW 525i?

The radio code can not be reset. If you do not havethe code, then you needto take the radio to the dealership and havetehm look it up, or alternaticvely post the info on bimmerforums etc for them to look it up. IF the information can not be obtained, you need to buya new radio.

What is the procedure to reset the radio code on a 1990 BMW 525i?

Turn ignition on then input 53325. Shortly after the last digit is pressed the radio will be enable

How do you reset the radio on a 1987 BMW 325is?

To reset the radio on your 1987 BMW 3225is hold down the on/off button. Once the radio blinks twice you can choose the first radio station that you want set. Follow this on the rest of the buttons and your radio will be fully reset.

How do you unlock radio code for 1994 BMW 318i?

I would like the radio code for my 94 BMW 318is thanks

How do you reset the battery on BMW 325?

Nothing to reset except radio presets and clock.

How do you enter radio code BMW?

How do I get my BMW radio to work again!the radio has been locked up for about 2yrs! It's been waiting for code, now I have it now! How do get to work! How do I enter the code!

Why your BMW radio code is not working?


What is the radio code for a BMW 535i?

there is no standard code. take the radio out and take it to the dealer to have them look up that radio's code.

1996 BMW 740il How do you set the radio?

The radio comes with a code. Turn on the radio and input the code. Once you have finished putting in the code, the radio will begin to play.

How do you reset radio code in a BMW?

To set your radio follow this procedureTurn car onTurn radio on, then off.Turn radio back on, a message CODE will appear.Enter code using the preset buttonswhen finished entering code, press the > button and you will hear sweet sounds of music!**if your radio says CODE WAIT, you will have to wait for an hour or so for the car to reset the code. There is NO WAY around this if your radio says CODE WAIT**If you do not have the code for your radio,Find out what model you have:turn car onturn radio on, then offTurn radio back on and press and hold the M button for 10 secondsa code will display on the radio with your model number of the radio.Call your local BMW dealer and tell them you have the serial # for the radio and need the code, be nice. If they cant/ wont give you the code, look up another dealer and call them, continue to call until a nice dealer gives you the info DO NOT PAY FOR IT!Source(s):Have owned many cars including 6 BMWs and 2 Mercedes

How do you enter a radio code for a1994 BMW 325i?

To acquire the code you will have to contact a BMW dealership and provide them with your vin# and the numbers off the sticker on the back of your radio. To enter the code use the number buttons.

How do you reset the radio on a 1991 BMW 525I?

Resetting the radio unlocks it and restores it to its normal operating condition. Follow the below procedure to reset the radio.1) Turn the ignition switch to the "II" position without starting the engine and press the radio power button to turn it on. Wait for "CODE" to appear on the radio display.2) Press the radio station preset buttons to enter the security code. The radio turns off and resets when the last digit of the code is entered.3) Turn the radio on. The radio now functions normally.

How do you get radio code for 1992 BMW 325i?

You have to contact BMW consumer hotline and give them the vin#

Does it require to reset computer system of BMW 330 xi after replacing battery?

No, you do not have to reset anything except the clock and radio presets.

How do you enter the radio code on BMW 325i?

if you don't have the code you can take it to a dealer and they can pull the radio and tell you the code. if you know the code simply enter it with the number keys.

How do you reset PDC on BMW?

how do you reset the pdc on a bmw

How do you reset the radio code for BMW c33?

It is Alpine made unit and normally radio comes with security code printed on the code card. Code entry insturctions are provided in the manual. In case you lost the code card, you can obtain the original code from dealers, but you have to proove ownership and provide the VIN of the car etc. If you still can't get the right code for your Alpine C33 unit,

What if the code that you got for your BMW Z3 doesnt work on the radio what should you do or am you doing something wrong?

Call any BMW dealer with the serial number off the back of the radio and they can look up the radio code to verify you have the correct number.

Entering radio code for 1991 BMW 3251?

Try 52115