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It would help to know the sensor that needs resetting.

2006-08-07 18:13:41
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Q: How do you reset the sensor when replacing the battery in your 2000 ford explorer?
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How do you reset the fuel pump on a 1998 ford explorer?

un hook the battery then rehook battery should reset if not then bad sensor some where

How do you reset the ABS sensor light on the dash after replacing the sensor?

unhook both battery cables for a few minutes

How do I reset cam shaft sensor on a 2001 Kia sportage?

always remove battery terminal when replacing sensors.That is your reset.

How do you reset check engine light after replacing O2 sensor on 2004 pt cruiser?

Just unplug the negative terminal of the battery for about 10 minutes and that will reset the computer

After replacing the sensor how does it take the car computer to reset?

Remove the negative power line to the battery. Wait a few seconds and replace. That will reset the check engine light. darksidesteve

How do you reset the check engine light on 03 Chevy Suburban after replacing the oxygen sensor?

disconnect the negative battery cable for 30 seconds

How reset check engine light 2001 Accord in computer after replacing ox sensor?


Will the o2 sensor reset it self in a 96 ford explorer if you change it or do you have to do it with the computer?

there is no need to reset the computer for an 02 sensor.

Do i have to Reset computer after replacing battery on 2002 Lexus LS 430?

No. Already reset.

Where is the reset button on the palm treo 755?

For Treos that do not have reset buttons, you can reset the phone by removing the battery and replacing it.

Do you need to reprogram computer when replacing cam sensor on a 1988 BMW 535is?

no you don't need to reset the computer. but it is always a good idea to reset it when replacing any censors. just unhook the battery cable( negative) for 30 seconds then put it back on and drive 50-75 miles to reset the computer.

Why do you have loss of power get a shuddering after replacing fuel filter fuel pump and oxygen sensor?

Your computer may need to reset, try disconnecting your battery for at least 30min.

How do you reset the sentry key after replacing the 3.0V lithium battery for a 2005 Dodge Magnum?

No reset is necessary.

How do you reset the outside temperature sensor on a 2002 ford explorer?

There isn't a reset, either the sensor, wiring, etc. is bad.

How can you reset the thermometer in a Ford Explorer?

Unplug the battery for five minutes

How long does it take for outside temp sensor on corsa sxi2002to reset after replacing?

It should reset right away.

How do you reset the abs sensor light on the dash after replacing it on a 2001 ford mustang gt?

you can disconect the battery for a minute to 5 minutes, if that dosent work you havent fixed the problem.

Does a 98 expedition Oxygen sensor need codes when replaced?

Just reset your computer after replacing the O2 sensor.

Why won't Rx-8 idle after replacing battery?

Computer reset

How do you reset system after replacing battery 99 mercury cougar?

There is nothing to reset except the radio presets and the clock.

How do you reset computer after replacing oxygen sensor on 1996 GMC Safari?

The computer will reset itself after a few driving cycles. To reset the Check Engine light you can try this. Disconnect the positive battery cable for 20 minutes. If that does not work you will need an OBD2 scan tool to reset the light. Go to the place where you bought the O2 sensor and ask them to reset the light. Some will and some won't.

How do you reset the computer on the2005 ford explorer limited?

All you have to do is disconnect the battery for five minutes to let the power drain and the computer will be reset when you reconnect the battery.

Why does the low coolant light stay on after replacing the radiator no reset button in fuse box 94 se2.3?

Low on Coolant Defective sensor? Sensor not connected when radiator installed? If none of these are true try disconnecting battery for 10 mins. to see if this resets sensor

How do you reset battery light on Ford Explorer?

Either check your alternator or your battery life and replace as see fit.

How do you reset the security after replacing ignition switch in a 2000 grand am?

unplug the battery for 2min