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Q: How do you reset the trouble codes on 2001 Neon?
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How do you reset the trouble codes on 1996 Neon?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem and have codes cleared

Does a 2001 dodge neon have a fuel reset switch and if so where do you find it?

No fuel reset switches on Dodge products.

2002 check engine light codes dodge neon?

See link below for a complete list of trouble codes.

Is there an emergency gas shutoff on a 2001 Dodge Neon and if so how do you reset it?

Owner's manual!

How do you reset the error codes on a 2002 dodge neon?

Use a scanner, or unhook battery for 5 minutes.

Where is the reset button on a 1996 dodge neon?

The Neon doesn't have a reset button.

2002 Dodge Neon Automatic Transmission reset button?

I'm not sure what is wrong with your tranny but they do not have a reset button! They have Transmision control modules (TCM) that you need a $2,000 tool to reset any codes!

What are neon colors cheat codes?

neon colors- cheat codes NEON BLUE....FF NEON GREEN... FF00 NEON PINK.... FF0066 NEON PURPLE.... 6600FF

How do you reset fuel pump on a 1996 neon?

It does not have a reset.

What is 2001 dodge neon trouble code 0443?

Trouble code P0443 means:Evaporative emission control system purge control valve circuit malfunction

What does trouble code p1864 mean on a 2001 dodge neon?

Trouble code P1684 means: The battery has been disconnected within the last 50 starts

Where is the reset switch on the 2001 Dodge Neon Fatory Alarm System?

The 2001 Dodge Neon factory alarm system does not have a reset switch. Instead, you need to insert the key into the driver's door and turn to unlock the door. Next, turn the key clockwise to initiate the alarm and turn counterclockwise to stop the alarm. Once you stop the alarm, it will reset itself.

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