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Ok if your ation replay ds has some how deleted all of its games and wont add any games because it says "there is not enough space" then you nedd to reset it.

To reset it do the following:

hold a+d while ds is off

then turn on ds (still holding a+b)

when the Nintendo screen comes up hold a+b and start+select ( this screen is the one where you touch it but u cant cause the action replay)

when the main action replay screen comes up release all the buttons your action replay should be reset and able to add games

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How do you reset your action replay with out using a computer?

you restart your ds

Why does Action Replay DS turn to white screen when you Load it?

the flash card inside the action replay has to be reset

How do you reset action replay for DS?

hit all the buttons at once

How do you reset action replay dsi?

You can't And don't try it in a different ds or dsi

How do you get the action replay in pokemon daimond?

to get action replay you need to have an action replay ds unfortunatly u need to buy an action replay ds

Will action replay for dsi work for ds?

yes action replay dsi will work on ds and ds lite. however, action replay ds will not work on dsi. :-)

Can an action replay work on Nintendo DS?

They already have an Action Replay DS.

Where can you get an action replay for your ds?

you can buy an action replay for the DS at wallmart or gamestop

Do you need to have a chip to use Action Replay or can you do this from your ds?

answer a chip? well for action replay on ds you need the ds version of action replay to use it.

Will Action replay for DSi work on the DS?

I have action replay dsi and i have a ds and action replay dsi works on ds so yes it does work.

What is the difference between action replay ds max and action replay ds?

Action Replay Max has more codes and has a gameboy gameshark or action replay.

Is there a 2008 Action Replay?

Their is no 2008 Action Replay. Action Replays are only for once certain console. If you wanted a GBA Action Replay buy the GBA Action Replay. DS Action Replay get the DS Action Replay.

Do action replay work on dsi?

Yes, but there are two kinds of Action Replay. The one for the DSI is called: Action Replay dsi.(the one you want)The Action Replay for the DS is called: Action Replay ds (only works with DS)

Are there any action replay codes for DS?

Yes action replay works for ds, ds lite, and dsi, hence the name "action replay dsi".

How do you get action replay ds?

You can get Action replay DS at all good toy retaylers

What is an action replay on DS?

An Action Replay (AR) Is A Cheat Code Device For DS

What is an input display on action replay ds?

What is Input Display on action replay ds?

What is an Action replay that is used for ds cheats?

it's called an Action Replay DS

What action replay can work on ds lite and for Pokemon platinum?

The DS and DSi Action Replay both work on the Nintendo DS, But the DS Action Replay doesn't work on DSi.

Does action replay ds lite work on dsi?

No. Action Replay DS Lite only works on DS Lite. You will have to buy an Action Replay DSi for your DSi.

Why doesnt your action replay ds work?

maybe your ds format is not compatible with the action replay ds thing

What is the difference between Action Replay and Action Replay Max?

Action Replay Max is for the dsi and Action Replay is for the ds and the ds lite. They both carry cheat codes. Action Replay will not work for the dsi.

Uninstall action replay on DS lite?

Action Replay isn't "installed" on a DS Lite.

What does v1.6 mean on action replay?

Its a DS Firmware. Action Replay DS Firmware v1.6

Can you get ds codes on a action replay 3DS?

Yes you can get DS codes on a Action Replay 3DS.