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There is an excellent program available for this called "partition magic." It is pretty much the only way to re-size partitions without having to format & thus losing the data. Its not free, but it is pretty cheap for as good as it is.

The link below will take you to a list of freeware & shareware programs which also may be able to help. But remember, when working with partitions tread carefully, one wrong click and its all gone.

Incorrect: While partition magic will do what you want it is by no means the best nor is it the only option. The best and free option is to download almost any of the Linux live CD's and use their program called g partition. Don't be afraid of this because it is "Linux". It is just as easy to use as windows, I swear. There is even a special Linux that only has g-parted on it, it is extremely small and can run from a usb drive or live CD. G-parted is better because the hard drive in question does not even have to be bootable in order to use it, plus it is free. Also it can format into both NTFS and Fat plus the Linux formats so you can use it to make drives for Mac or Windows. It is awesome check it out.

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Q: How do you resize a partition on a hard drive?
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What contains a map to the partitions on a hard drive?

The area on the hard drive that contains a map to all the partition on the drive is called the partition table. That is what partition utilities edit when you add, delete, convert, or resize a partition.

What partition is the active partition of the hard drive?

The system partition(a partition where the operating system is installed) is the active partition of the Hard Drive

The what partition is the active partition of the hard drive?

By default C: is the active partition of the hard disk drive

How do you resize and move partition?

To resize and move the partition you would need to know a lot about programming.

The partition is the active partition of the hard drive?

system partition

What partition of the hard drive is the active partition?

System partition

How do you install Red Hat Enterprise Linux without disturbing Windows?

Unless you already have a free partition on your hard drive or an additional hard drive, you cannot install Red Hat Enterprise Linux without "disturbing" Windows; you will need to resize the Windows partition to make room.

What is the maximum number of partition that can be created on a hard drive?

maximum number of partition that can be created on a hard drive?

Where is the partition table on a hard drive found?

Most of the time the boot partition and the system partition are the same partition on the drive C.

How can you partition your hard disk drive?

Is this a new question? Personally I'd like to partition my hard drive to two partition, one for system and apps, another for data storage: here is an article about how to partition hard drive with Aomei Partition Assistant, may be could help:

What is the fourth partition on a hard drive called?

extended partition

What is the partition on the hard drive used to boot the OS?

active partition

When you partition a computer do you just partition the harddrive or do you partition the RAM as well?

You just partition the Hard drive not the RAM.

Windows 2000XP is installed using a system partition and a boot partition Which of these partitions must be the active partition of the hard drive?

Drive C ---- (The boot partition)

How do you remove partition on slave hard drive?

To remove a partition on a slave hard drive you can go into the BIOS. You should look up a guide if you plan to do this.

What utility is used to partition a new hard drive in Windows 98?

The Command-line interface (CMD) can be used to partition a new hard drive.

How do you remove a Linux partition on your hard drive?

I assume you have Linux and another operating system on your hard drive. If so you have to re-partition your hard drive and leave only the operating system you want on it. There are some good programs out there to do just that such as Partition Majic from Norton.

What is a hdc6 partition?

in Linux this is the second logical drive inthe extended partition on the primary slave hard drive

What happens when you partition a hard drive?

There is nothing much that happens when you partition a hard drive. You only create different segments with the main partition hosting the operating system and other relevant software.

Is it possible to wipe a hard drive without having to reinstall the OS?

Not if the hard drive is a single partition. If your hard drive is shown as a single drive letter, usually C, then it's a single partition drive. If the hard drive is wiped, or formatted, the operating system will be erased as well.

I have 3 drives in 1 hard drive in which windows xp is installed in drive c and i want to install ubuntu in drive d without formatting it causing any damage to my data on drive e help 4 partition?

Your question isn't exactly clear. If you want to install Ubuntu natively onto a partition, you must format the partition or make a new one. It is quite possible to resize the XP partition and make a new one without losing data on the XP partition. Ubuntu already includes the tools to do this.

What command is used to partition a harddrive?

the Fdisk command is used to partition a hard drive and display partition information

Where is the partition table stored on a hard drive?

The partition table on a hard drive is installed in a reserved area at the beginning of the drive. It tells the operating system where everything is located for quicker access.

How do you delete a partitioned hard drive?

The ability to partition hard drives can provide a range of benefits. But removing a hard drive partition can be difficult if you don't know what you are doing. With a few simple steps, this article will show you how easy it is to remove a hard drive partition without losing information or potentially damaging your drive or OS installation.

What is hard drive partition?

It's basically a way of dividing the hard-drive into sections. Think of it like a large filing cabinet. The cabinet itself is the equivalent of the hard-drive, while each of the drawers in the cabinet is the equivalent of a partition on the drive.