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How do you resize a window?

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2011-01-17 14:23:38


Tear it out and make it bigger or smaller.


Move your cursor to the bottom right of the window. You will see

the cursor change appearance. Hold down the left mouse button and

drag the window to the size you want. If you want the window to

open this size everytime you open it hold down the Ctrl key then

click the x at the upper right to close the window.


I tried manual resize then F11 (fullscreen) then F11 again and

closed with the "x" . when I reopened the window it was the correct

size I wanted. Maybe this proc resets the registry somehow? Vista.

If the bottom of the windows is not visible (so you can't drag

the corner or border to resize), change your screen resolution to a

smaller size -- this will show the whole window so you can resize

it and then return the resolution to the size you like. To change

the screen resolution, right click anywhere on the desktop, select

Properties/Screen resolution.

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