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How do you resize a window?

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AnswerTear it out and make it bigger or smaller. AnswerMove your cursor to the bottom right of the window. You will see the cursor change appearance. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the window to the size you want. If you want the window to open this size everytime you open it hold down the Ctrl key then click the x at the upper right to close the window. AnswerI tried manual resize then F11 (fullscreen) then F11 again and closed with the "x" . when I reopened the window it was the correct size I wanted. Maybe this proc resets the registry somehow? Vista.

If the bottom of the windows is not visible (so you can't drag the corner or border to resize), change your screen resolution to a smaller size -- this will show the whole window so you can resize it and then return the resolution to the size you like. To change the screen resolution, right click anywhere on the desktop, select Properties/Screen resolution.

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How do you resize the window on RuneScape?

There has been a recent update so you can resize your window without having to restart the page :D.

How do you change pop out window?

Can you define your question.. Resize it?? Or what...

How do I resize a currently maximized window your desktop?

If you can't see the three small boxes in the top-right corner of the window you're trying to resize, press the F11 key one time.

Why when you open a new browser window does it appear reduced size?

You can correct this size problem. Just open a browser window and resize it manually (not using maximize button). Place the mouse pointer on the lower rigth corner of the window, a resize handle will appear. Click and drag to resize the window to the full size. From now on every browser window you oen will appear in full size. If you find this info useful, please vote!!!

How do I resize the Game window on RPG Maker XP to make it bigger?

Alt + Enter

What shape does the mouse pointer take on when you try to resize a window?

A line with an arrow at each end.

How do you resize browser window on Linux. Have a new netbook running Mint and some windows are too big - I can't reach the bottom selection buttons. Is there a general linux fix that's non-tech?

Try unmaximizing and then resizing. Try hitting Alt+F7 and move the window until you can resize. To resize move mouse to corner or edge of window until the cursor changes and then click and drag.

How do you resize and move the Windows of computer?

Simply hold your mouse click on the bar at the top (you know, the one with the program name on) then drag it about. To resize, you just pull on the corner. Ensuring that the window is restored down.

How do you make IE open links in a full window?

Try to close all other open IE windows except for the small one. Then resize the small window (do not maximize) and then close it. IE is supposed to remember that it was resized when you next open it or click on a link.If this does not work try the methods below:With only one the small annoying window open, resize and then close it by clicking the X in the upper right corner while holding down the Shift key. It may or may not work.Or try the following:· Leave only the small window open, and close all other.· Now open a secondary IE window by clicking a link in the already open IE window.· Resize the second window to the right size.· While holding down the Shift key, close the resized window using the X in the upper corner.· Resize the still open original window as desired.· Close this window by clicking the X while holding down the Shift key

How would you resize a window?

To resize a window, click on the "minus sign" in the upper right corner of the window. Then, the window should be entirely visible. Drag the cursor (arrow) along the lower right hand corner until it becomes a double arrow. Hold down the left mouse key and drag the corner inward at an angle until you have the window sized the way you want it. You can also use F11 to get the window to full screen size, and then click F11 again to put it back to the original size.

What is The control that is used to enlarge shrink or close a window is called the?

Resize is the term your looking for i believe. Or if your referring to the box at the top of the window on the right its maximize, restore down, and minimize

How do you hide your music player on MySpace but still allowing it to play?

I just reduce the players window and reopen the internet-not so hard, and resize the internet window to change songs.

How can you resize full screen window on your mac?

There are several ways to do so: 1) Use mouse and drag the cursor to the edge of the open window. Drag till the windows is resized accordingly. You can resize the window by a side edge also adjusting the width (same with top & bottom). Corner allows to adjust both sizes at once. 2) A Window on Mac has three colorful buttons on the top left of every window. Among them, the green button (indicated by +) sign automatically resize the window fit to screen. 3)Make use of full screen. To make a window full screen, press the two arrows in the top right corner. The window will open in a new screen so that you don't lose whatever else is open on your desktop. To exit fullscreen mode:

How do you make fiesta window smaller?

Use ResizeEnable and then you'll be able to click on the edge (Even with the fiesta cursor) and resize it.

Using a Windows computer to make a window wider you would move the pointer until it changes to the Horizontal Resize shape and then?


Where can I learn how to resize my photos?

You can learn how to resize photos by looking in the help menu under resize photo help. It is also helpful to ask a friend or coworker how to resize a photo.

How do you resize windows partitions with MiniTool Partition Wizard?

To re-size a window partitions on mini tool wizard you will have to do a few steps. Go to the wizard tool, click on the move window, click what you want and then move it.

Describe the difference between resizing and restoring window?

Resizing and restoring windows are similar but different tasks. Resizing a window is likely self explanatory - you can make the window larger or smaller, and you can resize the window vertically, horizontally, or a combination of the two. Restoring windows, however, does not allow you to do the same thing. Restoring the window reverts the window to its previous location and size if you have either minimized or maximized the window.

A window is moved by dragging its resize tab?

This is a false statement, not a question. Please ask again using words that make it clear what you want to know.

How would you resize a window in windows 2000?

Either you can click on the 'Maximize-minimize' button in the upper right hand corner, or you can put the mouse at the corner of the window, at the point where a double-ended arrow appears, and then, holding down the left button, drag the window to the size that you want.

How do you resize pictures?

There are various websites online that allows you to resize pictures, such

How do you smudge on MS paint?

Unlike PhotoShop, MS Paint doesn't have a smudge tool, but you can blend colors together with the Resize and Skew window (Ctrl W).

How do you resize photos on your stardoll presentation?

To resize photos you simply drag from the corners inwards or outwards.

How do you resize and move partition?

To resize and move the partition you would need to know a lot about programming.

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