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I don't think you can restart your pet society -_-

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How do you restart pet society on Facebook?

You cant restart pet society, you have to keep the one you have . :/ stupid isn't it

On facebook on the game pet society how do you restart a new pet?

You can't restart your pet but you can change the image of your pet by going to the stylish and change the image of your pet (by the way if your going to change the image of your pet you also need to pay for it)

How do you have a job in pet society?

There are no jobs for you in pet society

Cheats in pet society?

how to upgrade my paw points in pet society

How do you delete friend in pet society?

you can delete your friend in pet society by unfriending her / him on facebook.

How do you level up in pet society?

How do you level up in pet society?To level up in Pet Society you can visit your friends or earn trophys and awards and that will level you up.

Can you get more than one pet in Facebook pet society?

No. Unless you get another account with a different email and add pet society.

Why can't you sign up for Pet Society?

you need facebook to sign up to pet society!! :(

How do you make a pet on pet society?

just type pet society in search box in facebook and go to play this application and you can make it by yourself

How do you restart a game in Pet Adoption Center?

You delete the app or you see three lines hit that and it should say restart. Hope this was helpful

How do you join pet society if you dont have a Facebook acct?

you cant. pet society is an app on facebook, you have to have an account.

How do you go onto pet society?

I go on pet Society from facebook but ive heard you can get it on Myspace aswell!

How do you cheat on pet society?

I don't know but I like petville then pet society.Pet society sucks on facebook

How do you get free pet society cash in pet society?

play 5 days in a rowDo you get it on 10lvl or on 15lvl?

How can your pet do vouel in pet society?

Drive them to a store and they are a sure in.

Where can you buy a pet in pet society?

in the garden shop or furniture

Who is the mysterious pet in pet society?

The "?" guy's name is Sirius.

How do you add people on pet society?

Just add people who use pet society already to your friends list.

Anybody know and good cheats for Pet society on Facebook?

Go to http://facebookcheats.thebuxbank.comThey have cheats for Pet Society there

Where do you uy the animals from on pet society?

YOU CANT BUY ANIMALS ON PET SOCIETY by citlalyYou actually can buy animals on Pet Society and you get them at the 'Outdoor' store. You then look at the bottom of the screen and click 'petlings' -iamsocrazy

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