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i have the same problem

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โˆ™ 2009-10-01 19:20:59
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Q: How do you restore deleted songs on samsung p2?
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How do you reset password on Samsung p2?

forgot my password for samsung p2 mp3 player

When is the next firmware update for the Samsung p2?

Samsung has stop producing P2 and the latest firmware update is 5.10. No more updating, I suppose.

What is the Samsung P2?

Actually it has better sound and video so before you go judging shyt know ur stuff Sources: I have a P2 and a 2nd gen ipod touch

How do you fix the voice volume on a Samsung MP3 YP-P2 Player?

turn up the volume

Features for Samsung yp-p2?

Radio FM, music media player, video player and store picures not take pictures.

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