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A blog is a type of website where grpuos of people or individuals can comment on record information or anything like that. A website is created for a specific reason. People cant record their own information on it.

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Where is the booting menu saved?

c drive

How can you increase your D drive space from C drive?

You can increase your D drive space from your C drive by typing in this command "em>partition" on your start menu. From there you will need to go under admin tools and select to extend your space.

In your Computer what type of graphics displays information about a drive?

Select Start Menu, then Computer. Then right click on the C: drive and select properties.You will then see that the graphic type that displays information about the C: driveis a PIE CHART.N.C.F.

How to restore the control panel in Windows Vista OS?

You can't delete it it is located under the start menu. The direct file is also located in C:\Windows\System32\control.exe

Get a c prompt?

A C prompt is when you go to the Start Menu and go to Run or the search bar and enter Command. From there, a black screen will pop up with the drive letter and the current folder/path.

How do you remove C RESTORE TEMP A002591 CPY?

One way of getting rid of this virus is to disable system restore and then start the computer up again and then do a virus scan and then you can enable the system restore and the virus should be gone. To disable the system restore - go to start menu - settings - control panel - system - performance - file system - trouble shooting - disable system restore - you will be asked to shut down computer. JUST DONE IT AND IT HAS WORKED FOR ME. GOOD LUCK

What is mean by file in c?

A file in C means a file found in your computer's C Drive. Start > My Computer > C Drive

How do you run a game if it is not on the start menu?

presuming you are running windows, you can go to "my computer" (from start menu) - then click on the the C drive - then program files - you will then have to find the appropraite folder for the application such as "sony". i can help you no further without the name of the pacific program you can also (if running windows) type in the name of the game in the search bar when you open the start menu. if running windows 7 or vista the seach bar is on the bottom left when you open the start menu, xp and below click on the SEARCH button on the bottom right when you open the start menu.

How do you browse your hard drive?

In Windows 98 through ME, to access your hard drive, double-click on the My Computer symbol on your desktop. Then, double click on the symbol with C: somewhere in the title. In Windows NT through Vista, open your Start menu. Click on My Computer on that menu. Then, do last step for 98-ME computers.

How do you restore files in tally?

first we have to copy the required company data in the drive A: (floppy) by using backup option in the company info menu After that we have to insert that floppy in the another system floppy disk drive then choose restore option in the company info menu(by pressing ALT+F3) and here you can see the dialog box of restore data now in source location select A:\ and in the destination location Type C:\tally 9\data if your tally is installed in the C: drive. now press enter to see the companies list which are stored in the floppy select one by one to all the company and press enter ---------------------------------------------------------------- like this you can also copy the tally data form one storage device to another(floppy to pendrive)

How do you restore sony vaio laptop back to factory?

just search vaio restore in seach option afer open vaio recovery option click restore c drive option it will take about 1 hour restore to factory setting

How do you reinstall NTLDR?

Boot from Windows XP CDSelect into boot menu "Restore Console" or smth like that copy X:\i386\ntdlr C:\copy X:\i386\ C:\Type this commands (X - is a letter of your CD/DVD drive; C - is disk where Windows XP installed):Reboot.Done.

What you have to do when ntldr file missing from windows xp?

Boot from Windows XP CDSelect into boot menu "Restore Console" or smth like that copy X:\i386\ntdlr C:\copy X:\i386\ C:\Type this commands (X - is a letter of your CD/DVD drive; C - is disk where Windows XP installed):Reboot.Done.

How to copy the ntldr when ntldr is missing?

Boot from Windows XP CDSelect into boot menu "Restore Console" or smth like that copy X:\i386\ntdlr C:\copy X:\i386\ C:\Type this commands (X - is a letter of your CD/DVD drive; C - is disk where Windows XP installed):Reboot.Done.

What is meant by file in program C?

At a guess I would say that the file that is being referred to resides in the C drive so to find it you can go to my "computer"(on the screen and in the start menu) double click on drive C and this will give you further choices as to searching for files. Just keep on opening the boxes inside the boxes until you find what you are looking for.

How do you access c drive in workgroup?

start>>run>>\\ipaddress\C%click on ok

Where are restore points kept?


What are the steps to format a flash drive using MS-DOS?

You need to determine the letter of the drive in which the flash drive is inserted. To do this, you can enter Windows Start menu (Windows logo in the bottom left) and click on Computer. Find the drive where you have the flash drive, and remember it.Now to get a command prompt, you need to click the Start Menu again. In the Search space, type "Command Prompt." This should open a black window with the following:Microsoft Windows [version (information specific to your computer)]Copyright ---- (the year) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.C:\User\HomeThere will be a flashing underscore (cursor). Type the following: Format G:This should do what you hope.

How do you work in d drive from c drive on ms-dos?

depends on computer make e.g. acer computers will have programs by acer but hp will have programs like hp update . For a full list just use the all programs list in the start menu

What folder is used by Windows to hold System Restore points?

The folder "System Volume Information" is a hidden system folder located in the root of the drive and is used by windows to hold system restore points. C:\System Volume Information\_ Restore folder

How do you equip the slingshot in Legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

get in the start menu and press one of the c keys.

How to view whats on your hard drive?

Click on My Computer. It is usually a screen icon. In Microsoft Windows click the Microsoft 'start' icon, which looks like a flag at the bottom left of your screen. This will open a menu. Click on the word 'Computer'. This will then display all your drives. Click on 'C' drive (The 'C drive' is normally the designation given by the system to your hard drive) and it will list all the folders, which you can click on to see sub-folders and files.

How does one recover deleted cookies from a computer?

Use Restoration 3.2.13Download the Restoration 3.2.13 from the website This is a simple freeware program used to recover deleted files.Extract the zip file to your desktop and locate the "Restoration.exe" file. Right click the file and select "Run as Administrator" to run the utility with administrator privileges.Select the drive as "Local Drive(C:)" in the Drives pull down menu and click "Search Deleted Files" button.Select the cookie files that you want to restore and click "Restore by Copying." Select the destination for the file in the dialog box that appears and click "Save."Go to the destination folder you specified to find the restored cookie files.Use System RestoreClick "Start" and select "Control Panel." Click "Backup and Restore."Click "Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time" to restore your computer back to previous settings. Choose the date to revert back to in the next window and click "Restore" to start the Restoration.After the system restore is successful, restart your computer and check whether the system has reverted to older settings.Navigate to the "Cookies" directory to find the desired cookie files.

How do you get to your c drive on winows vista?

Click on "Start", then click on "Computer". You should see a list of all your drives. You can then double click on your C drive to access it.

What prototype for menu function takes no arguments but returns a char value?

char SomeFunction();This has nothing to do with menu functions. It is a straight C/C++ answer. Menu functions depend on the platform API, not on C/C++.