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How do you retract a co-sign?

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payoff the balance and then close the account.

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The cosign of pi is -1

How many time can you cosign a car?

how many times can someone cosign a car

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Do you have to be a relative to cosign? father cosigned for me,but the bank told me that anybody could cosign..good luck to you.

Cosign lease extension?

If I cosign an apartment lease for a friend can I file bankruptcy against the landlord to get out of the lease.

When might two people need to cosign an agreement?

Two people would need to cosign an agreement when for example, parents need to cosign the loan application for their child or to help a friend in need.

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Can a minor cosign on a loan?

absolutely not. Minors are not able to cosign any loans, only an adult (eighteen years or older) is aloud to cosign a loan. the law states that any minor is not responcible for the repayment of any loan.

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When you cosign for someone how long are you required to be their cosigner?

For the length of the contract you sign. If you cosign on a 3 yr loan, you are responsible for the debt for 3 years.

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Can someone not related to you cosign a car?


Can a minor cosign a loan with someone other than his or her legal guardian?

If you are a minor, you cannot LEGALLY cosign or sign any loan/contractual agreement.

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