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Having a slightly smoky smell from cooking and grilling non-sweet food outdoors, mowing blades to the shortest height and relocating nectar- and pollen-rich plants to other sites not in conflict with honey bee homes and routes are ways to rid grassy yards of beneficial honey bees.

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Q: How do you rid grassy yards of honey bees?
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How can you get rid of honey bees?

Contact a beekeeper first.

What Poison can i use to get rid off honey bees?

Sulpher smoke will get rid of them.

How can you get rid of honey bees out of your garden?

use bug spray

How do you you get rid of honey bees that are under your deck which is about four inches above a concrete slab?

==Get Rid of Honey Bees Under Deck== At your local grocery store or wal-mart, target, k-mart etc., they sell sprays that will get rid of bees. Good luck:)

How to get rid of honeybees?

Call a specialist as honey bees are protected by law.

Will fire in the chimney get rid of bees?

Only if they are in the chimney. Get the honey out first

Getting rid of honey bees?

In the first instance, contact a beekeeper.

How do you get rid of bees in a wood shed?

If they are honey bees you will need professional help. If they are wasps or bumble bees they will die at the end of the summer.

How do you get rid of honey bees in the ground?

Honey bees don't nest in the ground. A nest of flying stinging insects in the ground is more likely to be yellow jackets.

How do get rid of honey bees in my eaves?

If you have a beekeeper in the area, they will come and remove the bees for you. If you can't get in touch with a beekeeper, an exterminator can come out and remove the bees. Honey bees are important to the environment, and shouldn't be killed unless it is a last resort.

How do you get rid of honey bees swarming the hummingbird feeder?

Take Your feeder down

How do you get rid of honey bees in pool?

u get a pool net and fish the thing out of the pool

Do honey bees like the mimosa tree as a source for honey?

Mimosa trees attract honey bees and make bad strong- tasting honey. Most bee Keepers try to get rid of any mimosa trees that they find. They are a major enemy if you want good honey!

How can you get rid of honey bee from your backyard?

While honey bees are not as dangerous as hornets or wasps, they can still pose a threat to the untrained person. Hence, it is best to call for pest control to get rid of them.

Is it necessary to get rid of a bee's nest if you can patch up the entrance after you rid the bees from the walls or can the honey still attract bees thourgh some other opening?

You should get rid of the nest because wasps will be atracted to the honey and if there are wasps they probably won't sting you as they are stealing and remove the nest at night as that is when wasps bees and other insects go back to their hives, but be careful.

How do i get rid of the bees on virtual villages 3?

You light a fire, and put a person on the torches below the bees hive, then they will smoke it out, and you will be able to harvest the honey :D

What are 2 beneficial insects?

Flies. They help get rid of dead animals etc Bees. They make nice honey.

Who gets rid of honey bees?

Best to talk to a beekeeper first and he/she will advise you of the best course of action. Bees can sometimes be removed without resorting to a pest controller.

How do you get rid of bees with out hurting the bees?

It will depend on where they are, but it is not a task for the inexperienced. If they are (or you think they may be) honey bees, contact a local beekeeper for help. If they are 'pest bees' -- the local beekeeper can help you identify the animals -- then you may be required to call an exterminator.

How do you get rid of bees when you can't find the nest?

If they are honey bees then it should not be difficult to find the nest in Spring or Summer. Rather than just looking, listen carefully for their buzzing. A beekeeper will almost certainly be able to find honey bees if you cannot. If they are not honey bees then there may be no nest since a lot of bees are what are known as solitary bees. Why would you want to get rid of them in this case - there will just be the odd bee around now and then. If you have a serious concern about bees in your garden then you may have to face up to changing the plants that you grow. Bees will visit plants that offer them a good source of pollen or nectar - they could have travelled from a nest or hive that is a couple of miles away.

How do you get rid of the bees in Sim's 2 castaway?

i think you have to harvest honey from the bee nest but i never tried it. good luck.

How can you get rid of honey bees that are nested behind the brick of the house?

Notify a professional beekeeper or bee removal service company.

How do bees get rid of waste?

They excrete it from the rear end of the abdomen. Honey bees do not defecate in the hive if they can possibly avoid doing so, they will take 'clearing' flights in the general area of the hive.

Will coke work to get rid of Bees?

no coke will not get rid of bees it will only attract them

How do you get rid bees with smoke?

Bees are terrified of fire, beekeepers puff smoke in to the hive to make the bees go to the bottom when removing the honey. I wouldn't recommend taking up smoking just to keep a bumble bee away though