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How do you ride in a limo in Grand Theft Auto 4?


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You can drive a limo not ride in one.


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As far as I am aware, there is not a cheat for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PlayStation 2 that enables you to ride a broomstick. However, on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas you can download a modification off of the internet that allows you to ride a broomstick. :-)

beet abunch of levels then go to the ferry

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Yes. There is a helicopter that you can ride in on the right side of the island.

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You can not ride a helicopter in GTA III. There are no seats for the pilot in it. If you were somehow able to get into one, the game would crash since it lacks the mechanics to handle such an event.

No cheats, only mods. But if you wanted to fly a plane, then just get a helicoptor. BTW, the best mods for TBOGT are on the PC. :3

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Fly there by helicopter or ride a boat. To see the heart of liberty City, get a helicopter and jump out onto into the narrow ledge and enter the door. Inside there will be a ladder. Climb up and there will be a beating heart.

You have to be in mission "Calm Before the Storm". Wait until Massimo gets to the last stop on Chinatown. With a PCJ-600 ride up the stairs and you won't be noticed. Note that you can only fly the helicopter a short distance.

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