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First you can't rock out with Miley. She is an example of what a rocker is not. AC/DC are real rockers. Second why do you want concert tickets. The real answer is to enter the contest or just buy tickets. ANSWER: {| |- | I can rock with miley anytime, anywhere buddy!! As I always buy tickets online

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Did Miley Cyrus make a movie call Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus- Best of Both Worlds Concert?

Yes she did. It rock and it was the best I have ever seen. Miley<3

Is Miley Cyrus in camp rock?

No, Miley Cyrus is not in Camp Rock. But Demi Lovato is though.

Is Miley Cyrus' tour concert suitable for a 9 year old?

No. A loud Rock concert is not something you should waste your child's life on.

Is Hannah Montana a real rock star?

Hannah Monatana is a fictional rockstar that is played by Miley Cyrus. Hannah Monatana the character has done a concert tour with the Cheetah Girls, some Charity concerts, the Hannah Monatana and Miley Cyrus tour and a concert for the first season of Hannah Montana.

Is Miley Cyrus becoming Gothic?

Absolutely not, Miley Cyrus is not becoming goth. Her personal look Is rock/punk.

What is Miley Cyrus dislikes and likes?

Miley Cyrus likes punk rock, music, and food. Miley Cyrus has stated that she does not like children and she does not like sharing her feelings with others.

What type of music is Miley Cyrus rock?

Miley Cyrus is pop. on Disney channel it says teen Pop sensation

Who is Miley Cyrus in the show Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus plays the main character, Miley Stewart, who is secretly the rock star known as Hannah Montana.

Is there a Jonas brother movie?

Yes there is. It's called "Camp Rock". ---------- Not specifically about them. But they are in Camp Rock and make an appearance in the Hannah Montana/miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert which was made into a movie.

Where does Miley Cyrus record her songs?

Rock Mafia Studio

Can you be a rock star just like Miley Cyrus?

yes you can be a rock star like Miley Cyrus if you really try and believe in yourself you can do anything your heart wants you to do, follow your dreams.

Does Miley Cyrus sing rock music?

It's more pop or pop rock.

Is Hannah Montana's real name Miley Cyrus?

Hannah Montana's alter ego in the TV show is Miley Stewart. Both characters are played by Miley Cyrus. Yes her real name is Miley Cyrus. Her father is the famous country/rock singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

Who was Billy Ray Cyrus?

Billy Ray Cyrus was a country/rock singer a while back && he is Miley Cyrus dad.

What rock band has sold the most concert tickets ever?


Where did Miley Cyrus get her Lets Rock and Roll shirt?


What rock video had the Hollywood sign in it?

Party in the U.S.A (Miley Cyrus)

Does Miley Cyrus go out with any one and who?

For two years Miley Cyrus has been dating rock star Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. Now Miley Cyrus has been link to be dating underwear model Justin Gaston.

What are all the songs of miley and Hannah even the new songs?

Rock StarHannah Montana and The Climb Miley Cyrus!

How much will Hannah Montana perform for?

she will probley perform for nothing because she is a really lovely girl but she will be paid one million ponds for one concert I LOVE YOU MILEY CYRUS YOU ROCK xx

What kined of music does Miley Cyrus play?

she plays rock & hip hop

Does billy Cyrus have kids?

hey billy can you tell miley to call me at 7092968 because i need to talk to her and need concert tickets because she is very nice and her concerts rock on good luck jakeyah thanks love you and rock your show and god bless and remember I'am only nine years old thanks answer..... hahahha what happens if sombody prank calls you?

Do you like miley or trace Cyrus?

i like trace because he has a better singing voice for rock music and miley is a ripoff

Is Miley Cyrus a tom boy?

no she isn't. Miley Cyrus doesn't have a fashion she just likes wearing random clothes. Sometimes she looks like a rock star and sometimes she looks like an elegant woman. It just depends what mood she is in.MILEY CYRUS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is Miley Cyrus now?

Miley Cyrus is a 16 year old very popular girl. She is an actress, singer and writer. She has her own TV Show, Hannah Montana. she is really good at what she does and i admire her, rock on miley. she has now changed her name to miley ray Cyrus from her given name at birth destiny hope Cyrus AND--She is a very successful girl!!