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Possible SolutionThe easiest is to use the main wiring harness grommet on the drivers side near the brake booster. There is plenty of room for a 2/0 gauge wire and it makes sense as the battery is on the drivers side as well. Making it almost a straight shot from firewall to battery. Just be sure that your amp is well grounded and that the ground point is free of paint or grease and is as close to that amp as reasonably possible. Good luck!

you would usually use a rubber grommet from a parts house ....simply find a place in the fire wall ...drill the appropriate size hole for the grommet and allow a liitle play among the power wire and grommet.i usually will add a dab of super glue just so it dont come out into either side

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Q: How do you run an amplifier power cable through the fire wall of a 1995 ford ranger xlt?
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