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If they are already installed, they should run automatically once they encounter web content that requires them.


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In the beginning it was called MultiTorg Opera, but is now simply referred to as Opera. In addition, Opera Software also develops (and supports) Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, which are simplified versions designed to run on mobile platforms. Also, Opera develops and supports the Wii browser and DS/DSi browser.

If you want to play Minecraft in your web browser, you will have to install Java on your computer. Java usually comes with browser plugins that can be used to run Java apps such as Minecraft in your browser. You can download Java from Java's website.

embedded content refers to content on a web page that runs directly from the page in the web browser by using audio or video plugins. When you go to youtube, the content is 'embedded' because it plays in your browser; ie, you don't have to open another application on your computer to display/listen to/run it.

Yes opera mini run in pc you have to download opera mobile emulator for run opera mini in pc or you have another option you download micro emulator after download and install it you have to download opera mini .jar and .jad both copy opera mini where you download and paste it to microemulator folder and enjoy Thanks by bivurock

First you are going to need to make sure that you keep your computer updated. Microsoft and Apple regularly release updates to patch any problems that have been found with the operating system that could be attacked by hackers. You will also want to keep your web browser updated. Internet Explorer is updated by Windows Update and Firefox and Chrome are updated automatically each time you run them. Next you will want to make sure that all of the browser plugins are updated. A browser plugin is a program that allows you to do things that your browser alone can't do. Some examples of browser plugins include Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Reader, Java and Microsoft Silverlight. It is becoming very common for cyber criminals to attack browser plugins. This is because generally people keep their computers updated and browsers are becoming easier to keep updated but not many people keep their browser plugins updated. It works with all browsers and they provide links for your out dated plugins so that you can update them. Last but certainly not least, YOU MUST HAVE SECURITY SOFTWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER.

You may not have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Also Internet Explorer is an inferior browser, Firefox, Opera, etc. are all better suited for things such as JavaScript and CSS.

HTML is not a programming language and does not create programs, so it is not run. It is read or rendered or interpreted by using a browser. This results in a page being displayed in the browser.

Check out the plug-ins required to run the game (flash, shockwave?). Try updating the plugins or your web browser. If problem persists reinstall chrome or try to run the game on a different browser (like firefox).

You simply direct the browser to the file, either with a URL or by using the File>Open menu. The browser will read the HTML code, process it, and render the page. This process, by the way, is normally called "rendering" not "running" because HTML does not contain logic to run.

It's hard to tell what the problem is, but you may try the following: 1) Clear the browser's cache. The details vary depending on what browser you are using. In FireFox and Opera it is somewhere under the settings for private data. 2) Try a different browser. For example, if you were using Opera, try FireFox instead. 3) Install the Java runtime. RuneScape needs that to run.

To "run" HTML code, you simply need to open it using a web browser. This can be done by placing the file on the server and pointing the browser to it, or you can use the native "Open File..." command in the browser itself. If you want to learn HTML you can visit one of the websites in the related links.

You need to let it run the most recent system updates. Once done, the browser is accessed using the little globe symbol in the top right of the screen.

You can't. The need to re-write the code for the game because it is screwed up. If you are having trouble plowing maybe reload the game or try a different browser, sometimes plugins don't run smoothly on all browsers.

They use the webkit browser,which is able to run at maximately 5mbps.

First you install bukket, then drag the plugin into the Plugin Folder

Java and Javascript are not the same thing and are not realted to each other. Javascript is not run on "computers" it is run on browsers (which admitedly run on computers) So, if your computer has a browser, it most likely runs javascript, of course this depends on the browser, but all major browser run javascript.

It's pretty easy. You're gonna need a Minecraft BUKKIT Server, just search 'Bukkit' in your browser. Once it's all set up, go into your server folder then go into the 'Plugins' folder. Which is obviously MobDisguise, then drag the ZIP into your 'Plugins' folder. Now run your server and enjoy!

You can run Angry Birds directly in the Chrome browser now for free. You just download it from the Chrome web store and run it in the browser.

HTML is not a program. and does not run. It can be used to instruct the browser to run a script. HTML is a written language inserted into a web document instructing the browser on how to display the page. For example It can tell the browser what color the text should be, or to display a picture, and where the picture should be located on the page.

They perform opera in Melbourne, Adelaide and other places though these do not entitle themselves as "Opera House" In Adelaide it is th "State Opera" in Melbourne "Opera Australia" (run by the same body that runs the "Sydney Opera House"

HTML code is displayed in a browser. It does not run on anything; it only includes directions to the browser on how to format content. The server just stores the file for the browser to load and interpret.

Applets are small web based code snippets that run on a Web browser (IE or Mozilla) they are usually small and do not contain a lot of functionality. They cannot run by themselves (standalone) and can run only using a web browser or an applet viewer. Whereas, an application is standalone and can do all operations by itself. It is a combination of numerous java classes and objects.

Any amount will be fine in Windows and Mac. However, with lower amounts of RAM, you may need to run older versions of Opera.

Browser Clients are one of Two things: First off a regular Client browser is a program you use to surf the Web. Such as Opera, Internet Explorer or Firefox. This can sometimes be simply refered to as a Client. The second use of the term i have heard is a program such as a java applet which downloads from a website onto your computer through your browser to run a network application. This is called browser client because the client software starts up and requires the browser to work correctly. One such example of this could be a Yahoo Games style interface, where they have you click ona link a new window opens up and downloads part of the game which runs out of your browser.

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